NBA 2K24 Beginner's Guide

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An aerial view of the Chicago Bulls arena during a game.
Credit: 2K Sports

Are you new to NBA 2K and want to learn about the game before jumping in? We have you covered with our NBA 2K24 beginner's guide! In this article, we'll give you a run down of the many game modes within the title, and direct you to some helpful tips on how to conquer the court!

NBA 2K24 is this year's edition of the popular 2K Sports franchise and has something for anyone who shares a love for the sport. Whether you like to compete online or simply want to embark on your own journey as a player or team and realise success, there's plenty for you to do. Read on to find out more!

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NBA 2K24 game modes

Whether you're a casual or competitive player, there's something for basketball fans from all walks of life. If you don't believe us, take a look at the game modes that NBA 2K24 has on offer!

Play Now

As the title would suggest, this is the quickest way to get into a game of basketball with your favourite team, both modern and historic. It features a streetball mode called Blacktop and NBA Today, which gives you the live matchups for the season when it's active, plus a quick play option for online mode.

Patrick Ewing performing a dunk in NBA 2K24
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Credit: 2K Sports
NBA Eras will let you relive your teams glory days with some of the greatest players of all time.

Perhaps the most important section here for new players and beginners is 2KU, which is the NBA 2K24 tutorial section. Here you can learn everything from the basics to the most advanced skills, whether they be offensive, defensive, or off the ball. This is a great place to start if this is your first basketball game.


Take control of the most anticipated draft pick since LeBron James. You choose your team and take your spot in the starting 5 as a third-generation NBA player and first draft pick with plenty of expectations on his shoulders. This game mode includes the City, which has a shopping district to customize your outfits, additional game modes that include playing streetball against AI or other players, and a ton of side quests to earn rewards from.

Kevin Durant in NBA 2K24
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MyCareer mode lets you live out your dream as a player of your favourite team as they are lead to greatness. You decide which position you want to play out of point guard, shooting guard, small forward, power forward, and center, and the game will generate rivalries based on your team and position. Both on and off the court, you'll experience the highs and lows of being a high-profile sporting star.


The popular build-a-team mode is back for another year. Collect player cards of varying rarity and test your team in a number of challenges. Cards require contracts, can sustain injuries, and can be boosted in stats using non-player power up cards. It's also a great opportunity to create dream combinations of modern day stars with the predecessors that inspired them.

There are multiple game modes that will test your coaching and playing skills. You can play in single player modes that include 3v3 and 5v5 formats, as well as multiplayer challenges against others! Additionally, there's an Agendas section that gives you personal goals to achieve for great prizes.

Mamba Moments

Celebrate the life of the late and great Kobe Bryant, the most famous number 24 in basketball. Relive some of the greatest moments, including real-life footage of the games, of Black Mamba’s career with additional challenges. Each game has three challenges, so test your skills and get all three stars for each one.

MyNBA Eras

A new feature to the 2K franchise, experience the game in a number of time periods that were defined by pioneers of the game. Experience full seasons in the Magic v Bird, Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, or Modern era, with each era having its own relevant uniforms, camera quality, television graphics, and rivalries. You can even customise the experience by selecting the number of teams, rules, and even start off with a fantasy draft!


As women’s basketball continues to grow, so too does its involvement in NBA 2K. In 2K24, create a player in the WNBA in The W and win a championship for any of the league’s teams. There’s also MyWNBA, where you can play a fully customisable season, and QuickPlay.



While not a playable mode, be sure to keep an eye on 2KTV as it will keep you up to date with the latest in 2K24, including locker codes! There are also trivia questions that will reward you with VC for correct answers!

This feature is also great for the occasional appearance by NBA players and professional gamers alike. Be sure to keep an eye out as the regular season approaches, you never know who will appear!

Draymond Green attempting a free throw against the Utah Jazz
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Credit: 2K Sports
Master the fundamentals and bring your favourite team a championship!

Gameplay Basics

Basketball is a tough game to master. It has a plethora of rules and can, at times, be a game of millimetres. In the video game version, this is no different, so it's important to understand the fundamentals in order to compete.

To get yourself started, you'll need to learn how to shoot the basketball, which requires understanding your player's "hot spots", freeing yourself of the defense, and timing your shot to perfection. This, along with passing, dribbling, and playing defense are crucial if you want to win. All of this is covered in our controls guide, which will help you to get your head around the game's mechanics. As you learn and grow in confidence, you'll be able to pull off flashier moves like alley oops!

That's everything you need to know to get started! For more advice, tips, and tricks for NBA 2K24, check out our guide on the game's best jumpshots! And for those who are curious as to the best players in the game, find out right here on RealSport101 which players have the highest rating in NBA 2K24!

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