How to alley-oop in NBA 2K24

nba 2k24 alley oop shot

nba 2k24 alley oop shot

The alley-oop is one of the most satisfying team plays you can perform in NBA 2K24 and requires some skill to perform correctly. Learn how to alley-oop in NBA 2K24 and understand the controls required to manage multiple teammates.

The alley-oop has always been an iconic shot, and if you're looking to create some highlight reels for your NBA 2K24 montages, you can't go wrong with this shot. So, let's get to alley-ooping in NBA 2K24.

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How to alley-oop in NBA 2K24

If you don't know what an alley-oop is, it's when you throw the ball in a high arc towards the hoop, and a teammate finishes it off with a touch or a slam dunk. There are many ways to make this impressive shot even more eye-catching, and we will run you through the basics.

nba 2k24 alley oop throw
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There are two ways to perform an alley-oop in NBA 2K24. You can throw an alley-oop or call for one while cutting towards the hoop. Your pathing, timing, and positioning will play a vital role in the success of your alley-oop. Let's see how you can perform both these alley-oop actions.

How to call for an alley-oop

If you want to set up an alley-oop to a specific teammate, you can call for it beforehand.

  • Press LB (Xbox) / L1 (PlayStation) and hold the button for the player you want to call for the alley-oop. The selected teammate will reposition themselves for your pass.
  • In career mode or any single-player mode, you can rush towards the hoop and double-tap Y / triangle to call for an alley-oop pass.

How to throw an alley-oop

There are three methods to set up and throw an alley-oop.

  • Throw to teammate: Point the analog stick towards your intended teammate and double tap Y / triangle.
  • Throw to self: You can set an alley-oop for yourself by double tapping Y / triangle and then moving towards the hoop.
  • Bounce pass alley-oop: You can do an unexpected bounce pass to your teammate by pressing A and B on Xbox or X and O on PlayStation.

How to finish an alley-oop

The last part of the alley-oop involves timing your dunk, and this can take a bit of practice. Once you've thrown the alley-oop pass, the dunk meter will appear on-screen, and you'll have to time a press of the X / square to land a point.

To perform a successful dunk, you must press the button when the meter is as close to the white line as possible.

Those are the basics of how to alley-oop in NBA 2K24 and will hopefully let you get started on landing those dunks. It'll take a bit of practice, but you'll soon be able to land these shots like it's nothing.

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