NBA 2K24 The City: New map, more game modes & fascinating visuals

NBA 2K24 The City

NBA 2K24 The City

If MyCareer is the most popular game mode in NBA 2K, a big part of that is because of The City. For NBA 2K24, developers brought a whole new look to The City, giving it more of a Miami Beach vibe.

There are many beach courts spread across The City, and all of them look incredible. Developers worked hard on the visual aspects of The City, such as lighting, building designs, and more.

The goal was to provide players with a space where they could immerse themselves, relax, forget their problems, and have fun. To help with the latest, some new game modes were also added.

So, let's find out everything new that is coming to The City in NBA 2K24.

The City in NBA 2K24

2K developer Erick Boenisch made a very bold statement when he said "No sports games in the market bring as much value to consumers as we do". This shows that 2K is confident in their product and that they believe The City is something truly unique.

Every year, 2K works on optimising the players' experience, by making changes to The City map. In NBA 2K24, The City is 25 % smaller, but maintains all of its fast travel options. This makes travelling in The City even easier and faster.

NBA 2K24 The City
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Here is the Elite faction court.

As mentioned above, The City has a Miami Beach vibe, with plenty of beach courts and neon lights. It looks absolutely stonishing throughout the whole day and makes players feel like they are really there.

This year, there are two rival factions in The City. One is called Rise while the other is named Elite. Players will have the option to join one of the factions. However, take your time making this decision, as it's more important than it seems.

Each season, both factions will battle for plenty of rewards. These rewards can help you upgrade your player or be used to customise him. This is why you should choose your faction carefully.

New game modes

This year, The City introduces two new game modes. These new game modes provide players with more entertainment and a new way to enjoy The City with friends.

The first game mode to be introduced is called Streetball. As the name indicates, players challenge different teams to a Streetball game, that has unique rules and offers great rewards.

NBA 2K24 Streetball
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This is one of the three new courts that are coming to The City.

Starting 5 is the other game mode that is coming to The City in NBA 2K24. This is a 1v1 game mode, where players choose one NBA team, and slot their MyPLAYER in the starting lineup.

It's like playing MyCareer, but while facing a real opponent on the other side. The mode offers players the chance to win plenty of great rewards.

If you want to learn all the new features that are coming to The W, MyNBA, or the Mamba Moments mode, be sure to check out our guides.

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