NBA 2K21 Next Gen: MyPLAYER Color Pie Removal Rewards Creativity

NBA 2K21 will undergo some massive changes heading to next-gen - and some of the biggest affect MyPLAYERs.

Let's go over how these changes, including the removal of color pies entirely, will open MyPLAYER builds to new possibilities.

NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER Builds

MyPLAYER builds in NBA 2K21 opened new doors by adding 2 new color pie options.

These color pies give MyPLAYER builds their limitations in regards to stat ceilings. This means that, for instance, if a player chooses a green-heavy color pie, they will have massively high ceilings for shooting skills.

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While new color pies helped NBA 2K21 offer more MyPLAYER build options - the removal of color pies entirely for next-gen will blow these doors open.

No More Color Pies

NBA 2K21's MyPLAYER builder will feature a more open stat selection system in place of color pies. This will give a ton more flexibility to builders to create the exact kind of player they want to take to The Park and beyond.

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These stats will be limited by your vitals and other physical factors, but this is an important limitation to keep things realistic.

Next-Gen MyPLAYER and Badge Changes

The removal of color pies will open up huge possibilities for MyPLAYER builds. But this isn't the only next-gen change shaking up MyPLAYERs!

NBA 2K21 demo MyPLAYER creation
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PERSONALIZE: New NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER customization options will let you truly shape your character's game

On top of this, Takeovers are now being entirely reworked, and 22 badges have been revealed for NBA 2K21 - a combination of new, reworked, and returning options.

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A whopping 22 badges have also been removed from the game!


There will be 24 Takeover options in NBA 2K21, expanding massively on the original 8.

NBA 2K21 Demo MyPLAYER Takeovers
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COOKIE CUTTER: New Takeover options will expand customization on next-gen

These Takeover options will no longer be as rigid on your build, but will still be based on your stats.

On top of these new Takeover options, players can now choose a Primary and Secondary Takeover ability.

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Players will build up their Primary Takeover ability first just like normal, but once it's filled, players will have the option to risk grinding up their Secondary ability as well.

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This will add more customization and more playability options - which will add plenty of depth to NBA 2K21 on next-gen.


Badges are also getting big reworks for next-gen, but even further than Takeovers! There's a whole new spectrum of choices for badges on the way. This includes reworked badges alongside entirely new designs.

NBA 2K21 Best Shooting Badges
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OUT WITH THE OLD: Badges are getting an entire rework in NBA 2K21 on next-gen

There will be 22 new badges for NBA 2K21 on next-gen, with 22 old badges getting axed from the game!

The removal list includes some badges fans didn't like enough to use, or want gone because they're too effective/applicable.

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This list includes: Consistent Finisher, Contact Finisher, Cross-Key Scorer, Fancy Footwork, Fastbreak Finisher, Deep Hooks, Pick & Roller, Relentless Finisher, Showtime, Deep Fades, Flexible Release, Hot Start, Pick & Popper, Pump Fake Maestro, Range Extender, Quick Draw, Steady Shooter, Pass Fake Maestro, Flashy Passer, Lob City Passer, Lightning Reflexes, and Moving Truck.

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The new badges will be a huge breath of fresh air for NBA 2K21. and shake up MyPLAYER builds. And not only that, but how these builds perform in The Park and PRO-AM games.

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