NBA 2K21: Best Badges for Playmaking - Quick First Step, Dimer, Handles for Days & more

Badges are the foundations of success in NBA 2K21, so it's important to choose correctly.

With this in mind, these are the best NBA 2K21 badges in the Playmaking tree.

The Best NBA 2K21 Playmaking Badges

Most NBA 2K21 MyPLAYER builds will dip into Playmaking, or the yellow pie, to some degree.

NBA 2K21 Playmaking Badges
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THE YELLOW PIE: Playmaking badges open doors for ball handling and passing

This is because the Playmaking tree covers ball handling and passing, which are very important in NBA 2K21.

These are the most important Playmaking badges to grab for your MyPLAYER builds.

Quick First Step

While Update 1.03 has nerfed the speed of players first steps out of specific dribble moves in NBA 2K21, Quick First Step is still a massively important Playmaking badge.

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JETS: To burn a defender like Beverley, you'll need Quick First Step

Quick First Step gives players massive speed boosts out of dribble moves and after catching the ball.

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This badge lets players shake defenders in The Park and Pro-AM alike, which makes it valuable for any MyPLAYER builds looking to handle the ball.


This Playmaking badge unlocks the scoring potential of your teammates by giving them shooting bonuses after you pass to them.

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While you can't entirely control how effective this badge will be in any Park or PRO-AM game, in general, it's one of the strongest badges in NBA 2K21 - and turns any player into a catch-and-shoot threat.

Handles for Days

If your MyPLAYER build is looking to drive and handle the ball, you're likely to drain a lot of energy spamming dribble moves throughout games.

best nba 2k21 badges handles for days playmaking
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STAMINA: If you're going to bust out a lot of dribble moves in The Park or PRO-AM, you'll need this badge to avoid fatigue

To control this and keep your speed, Handles for Days is an important NBA 2K21 Playmaking badge, which lowers stamina loss from dribble moves.

Bail Out

NBA 2K21 gameplay moves fast, and players will have to be able to keep up with the pace.

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Bail Out is an NBA 2K21 Playmaking badge that enhances players ability to pass out of jumpshots and layups. The badge is a fantastic way to get out of a bad spot and create a higher percentage shot.


As a guard, your team is trusting you to hold onto the ball, and if you're looking to make moves with your dribble, you'll need the Unpluckable badge.

best nba 2k21 badges dribbling
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NO CHANCE: Good luck knocking the ball from Kobe Bryant's hands

Unpluckable in NBA 2K21 is pretty straightforward - it protects ball handlers from defenders getting steals, and even reduces the chance for the ball to be poked free during dribble moves.

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This is important for reducing turnovers, and allows players to burn defenders that lose a step trying to steal.

Tight Handles

Tight Handles is one of the simplest NBA 2K21 badges to improve your ball handling success with dribble moves.

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This is because you don't have to strategize to activate Tight Handles. Instead, it activates on every dribble move, and improves your chance at breaking down a defender with them.

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This means a flat increase in dribble move success, which any ball handler can use to break into the lane for a layup or force defenses to react and open passing lanes.

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