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16 Oct 2020

NBA 2K21 Season 2 Courtside Report: Big updates boost MyTEAM - Limited, Triple Threat, Signature Challenge, Locker Codes & more

NBA 2K21 Season 2 Courtside Report: Big updates boost MyTEAM - Limited, Triple Threat, Signature Challenge, Locker Codes & more

There is a brand new Courtside Report live, and it highlights some key changes to MT!

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Challenges take Triple Threat up a notch

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First big changes for Limited

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Vince Carter Signature Challenge

The MyTEAM Season 2 Courtside Report has dropped, and there are some big changes on the way!

There are updates to the likes of Triple Threat and MyTEAM Limited, whilst the rewards for Season 2 have been confirmed - including a Pink Diamond Blake Griffin!

Here is our take on the latest news from 2K Sports!

Challenges take Triple Threat up a notch

The addition of the Triple Threat game mode in NBA 2K20 was a welcome one.

The 3v3 mode allows 2K players to get a quick game of 21 in when they don't have time to play a full 5v5 game, or if they just prefer the quicker format.

The only issue with the mode is that there weren't any challenges attributed to it, just the standard ball drop or vault at the end of each game.

nba 2k21 triple threat prizes

But in Season 2 that all changes.

There will be a brand new Spotlight set of 10 challenges to complete within Triple Threat, giving you competitive players even more of a reason to get stuck in.

In our opinion it's a very smart addition by the team at 2K Sports. One which brings Triple Threat back to the forefront of the MyTEAM mode.

First big changes for Limited

MyTEAM Limited has only been around for a short period of time, so there was always going to be changes made.

2K have done exactly that ahead of the Season 2 Update, making changes to both the Championship Rings and the Rewards scheme.

Championship Rings

The aim with each Limited weekend is to earn Championship Rings, which can then be traded for big rewards later in the season.

Well in Season 2 there will be 'Lakers-inspired rings' and they will be easier to pick up than in Season 1, meaning that you will have to play fewer games each weekend in order to earn them.

MT Limited Rings

As much as the novelty of Limited is fun, the more competitive players tend to prefer the likes of Unlimited. So with this change, more people are sure to get involved.

Rewards Boost

With the Championship Rings now easier to acquire, you might think that there is no point in playing on once you've earned your ring for the week. Wrong.

2K have added "more unique and great rewards" in order to boost your team each weekend. So don't let off once you've picked up your rings!

Vince Carter Signature Challenge

We all love a Signature Challenge.

The Damian Lillard challenge in Season 1 went down a treat, and now it's the turn of an NBA legend!

Vince Carter Locker Code

Vince Carter is the man in the spotlight in Season 2, but you'll have to get him in your club first!

Locker Code 'VINCE-CARTER-GAME-WINNER' is what you'll need to do exactly that. This code will unlock you the card you need in order to complete the challenges, so make sure you go get him!