NBA 2K21 PS5: Next-gen features, gameplay, The City & more

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NBA 2K21 has been out for a while, but the next-gen version is now here as the PS5 arrives!

2K has released practically a brand new game for next-gen, with massive upgrades and improvements across the board.

Here is everything you need to know about NBA 2K21 on PS5.

Next-Gen Gameplay Features

2K has revealed a lot of new gameplay features for next-gen.

It's almost a completely reworked game for next-gen, one that comes free with the Mamba Forever Edition, but not with the Standard Edition that current-gen gamers may have been playing.

nba 2k21 next gen gameplay foot planting 1
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PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD: A lot of tiny changes adds up to a whole new game

So what do you get along with the expected graphical upgrades and faster loading?

More immersive controls

2K has added layers of control for shooting, passing, and dribbling. as well as new physics and added signature animations it will be a huge step forward for the game.

NBA 2K21 next gen defense
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THIS IS MINE: Defense has been revamped in next-gen

It allows more fine control and player movement too, especially good for sliding back behind the arc.

New impact engine

A whole new physics engine for body collision is coming to next-gen.

This will change the way the game is played at the rim and a whole new way of using screens and charges.

The collisions will also impact dunks, drives, and other aspects of the game, making for a more realistic game.

New game modes

The Neighborhood has become The City, a massive new expansion of the game mode with Affiliations, new facilities, a huge new open-world city to explore, quests, and more.

nba 2k21 the city northern knights affiliation
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TAKE IT IN: The City replaces The Neighborhood
nba 2k21 the city event center
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BIGGER, BRIGHTER, BETTER: The City has it all

The MyPLAYER builder has been entirely revamped, removing color pies, 16 badges, and more for a new system and brand new badges.

MyCAREER has expanded to offer the G-League, and new trajectories from high school and beyond.


While the PS4 version of the Standard Edition for NBA 2K21 will cost £54.99/$59.99, the PS5 version comes in at £64.99/$69.99. Given the machine's capabilities, this isn't exactly a bad thing.

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For players that picked up the Mamba Forever Edition to play NBA 2K21 on PS4, you won't have to pay anything to get started on PS5.

PS5 Specs

The PS5 will bridge the console to PC power gap more than any console before it.

NBA 2K21 PS5 next gen gameplay trailer Stephen Curry
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SPLASH: Curry is ready to dominate NBA 2K21 on next-gen consoles

It will have a new eight-core AMD CPU based on AMD’s new 7nm Zen 2 architecture, and a custom GPU based on its new Radeon Navi hardware. These chips will bring huge benefits, including support for up to 8K graphics, ray tracing, and 3D audio.

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In short, this means the gaming experience on the PS5 should be tenfold to the PS4 in almost every aspect.

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