NBA 2K21 will no longer feature unskippable ads before games

2K Games came under fire recently for re-introducing unskippable ads to NBA 2K21 via 2KTV.

In a new tweet, the company has responded to the controversy, and set pace for the future.

Let's go over all the details.

The Controversy

2K Games faced severe backlash from fans after an unskippable ad began running in a 2KTV pre-game segment.

While ads aren't uncommon in the NBA 2K series within 2KTV, the placement was an error that left fans frustrated. This negative backlash spread beyond the regular NBA 2K21 community and went viral.

The Response

In a new statement, 2K Games reveals that ads will no longer be combined into 2KTV in pre-game segments during loading screens.

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THE RESPONSE: 2K Games responds to negative feedback

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Instead, the usual segments will continue, with insight behind the game and polls that players can earn VC by answering.

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Though this change will target 2KTV ads in relation to pre-game segments, this doesn't mean ads will no longer be a part of NBA 2KTV.

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Based on public response, we'll see if this is still an issue for the NBA 2K21 audience.

NBA 2K21 Next-Gen Announcements

With this controversy out of the way, 2K Games will move back to announcing what's to come for the game on next-gen consoles.

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Two of a scheduled three Courtside Reports going over next-gen gameplay features have been released, and each have given us huge news!

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These Courtside Reports have come after a groundbreaking next-gen trailer showcased the power of NBA 2K21 graphics on PS5.

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