NBA 2K21 Gameplay: New features ANNOUNCED! - Pro Stick, Dribble Moves, Shooting Animations, Defensive Animations, Demo, Badges, & more

2K Games have hit us with some big news this morning, giving us a full breakdown of new NBA 2K21 gameplay features.

Here's everything you need to know about how things will change in NBA 2K21.

Pro Stick

NBA 2K21 will finally be reshaping the Pro Stick that's been a staple of the series.

nba 2k21 giannis
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MAKE MOVES: The Pro Stick will give players tons of flexibility to make big plays

Here are the ways you can use the Pro Stick in NBA 2K21 gameplay:

  • Hold RS down - Jump shot
  • Hold RS left or right - Escape dribble moves
  • Hold RS up - Signature size-ups
  • Tap the RS - Quick 1-to-1 dribble moves
  • Tap the RS with Sprint held - Quick momentum dribble moves

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These changes will ensure the Pro Stick becomes more of a gameplay staple rather than wasting away as an alternative jump shot taker.

Dribble Moves

NBA 2K21 will have new escape dribble moves, 50 new size-up animations, and even some more 1-to-1 size up packages.

nba 2k21 lillard 2
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SHAKE THE DEFENSE: New dribble moves give more ball handling customization to break down defenders

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These will all combine with the new Pro Stick to provide a brand new experience handling the ball in NBA 2K21 gameplay.

Shooting Animations - Pro Stick Aiming

NBA 2K21 will be taking a page from NBA 2K17's book with Shot Stick Aiming and improving it for the Pro Stick.

nba 2k21 shooting animation cover athlete lillard
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DIMES FROM DAME: Pro Stick shooting accuracy will help you feel like Dame in NBA 2K21

The 2K Games team recognizes some of the flaws with the NBA 2K17 system, including the Pro Stick not receiving the needed attention to nail things like shot accuracy.

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This will go along with changes that include a new timing system for jump shots, not just based on timing the perfect release, but also timing the right aim (and centering your shot).

nba 2k21 lillard
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PICK YOUR SPOT: Once you master the Pro Stick, sink your shots from around the court

This will combine to make shooting more intuitive and complex in NBA 2K21.

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You won't be forced to use the Pro Stick for shooting, but it will add some extra benefits for your accuracy at the cost of having to nail it with your skills.

Defensive Animations and Movement

NBA 2K21 will introduce new defensive motion packages that replicate some of today's defensive greats like Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kawhi Leonard, and Patrick Beverley.

nba 2k21 defensive animations
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LIKE GIANNIS: In NBA 2K21 you can move like Giannis on both ends of the court thanks to new animations

This will be just like what NBA 2K21 has done with famous dribble moves, and help bring some signature feel to defensive motion.

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NBA 2K21 will also be improving the general feel of defensive motion on and off the ball, bringing a smoother feel on both sides of the ball.


2K Games have given us a solid date on the NBA 2K21 demo, it will be released on current-gen consoles on Monday, 24 August!


NBA 2K21 will bring some new badge changes. This includes a huge fan request, the removal of Quick Draw.

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