NBA 2K21 Badges: 2K reveals plans for badges in new game

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It's less than a month until NBA 2K21 arrives, and 2K has been relatively quiet about the new game.

Not now. A brand new Courtside Report has given us the first news of badges, and new gameplay features for NBA 2K21!

Swap badges

One of the most popular changes for last year was the ability to swap badges in and out.

That is thankfully returning for NBA 2K21!

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2K has collected data on what badges players were using (and not using) to help them make necessary tweaks to the designs for this year.

Bye bye Quick Draw

One of the most controversial badges from last year, Quick Draw, is gone!

2K has responded to community feedback and removed the badge entirely. release speed is back in the Jump Shot Creator so that players don't have to waste badge points on Quick Draw.

Wider variety of effective badges

The data about what players were using has been put to good use and resulted in some changes, tweaks, and balancing.

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While 2K isn't going into detail about exactly what has been changed, they promise "more badges will have merit and fight for a spot in your badge loadout, giving you more effective tools to take over games in a more varied fashion."

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