MLB The Show 21 may still be eyeing Nintendo Switch

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MLB The Show 21 Early Access is here and this is the first time we will see the title expand away from PlayStation consoles.

With an Xbox debut on the docket and crossplay set to break new ground, could MLB The Show 21 also find its way to Nintendo Switch?

Find out more below.

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Will MLB The Show 21 be on Nintendo Switch?

The burning question.

In terms of confirmation, we haven't had anything that confirms The Show's arrival on Nintendo Switch.

That said, there was a tease from the Nintendo America Twitter account in response to MLB's decision to open up the game to more platforms.

Of course, this could just be Nintendo celebrating the news - but is there more than meets the eye?

With just over a month before release, it's looking less and less likely that Sony San Diego will announce a Nintendo Switch version to launch at the same time as the PlayStation and Xbox versions of MLB The Show 21.

Release Date

MLB The Show 21 will be released on Tuesday, April 20, 2021.

We also know that players who choose to pre order one of the non-Standard editions of MLB The Show 21 will be treated to Early Access.

If you pre order one of the qualifying versions, you can play as early as Friday, April 16, 2021.

While a simultaneous release on Nintendo Switch looks unlikely at this point, there's still a chance that MLB The Show 21 could hit Nintendo Switch later in the year.



MLB The Show 21 has been confirmed for PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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FOOT IN BOTH CAMPS - For the first time, MLB The Show 21 arrives on Xbox

Just like Switch, it remains to be seen if The Show will be available to play for PC players.

If there was a version arriving on Switch, we imagine it would contain the same features as the PS4 and Xbox One versions - similarly as to how EA released a Legacy Edition for FIFA 21 on Switch.

Game Pass

This will be the first year the former PlayStation exclusive franchise lands on Xbox consoles, and we now know that includes MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass.

While it's official that MLB The Show 21 will be on Xbox Game Pass on day one when the title launches on April 20, 2021, we don't yet know when it's leaving.

Xbox Game Pass titles sometimes stay for as long as a year or leave much sooner, and all we know for sure is Xbox will signal the game's departure from the service a few weeks to a month prior to it leaving the service.

Cover Athlete

MLB The Show 21's Cover Star is the youngest ever - in the form of San Diego Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr.

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FRONT & CENTRE - Tatis Jr has fully deserved his Cover Star spot

We now know that Jackie Robinson is to be on the cover of the Collector's Edition - of which there are three - the Jackie Robinson Deluxe Edition, Jackie Robinson Edition, and Digital Deluxe Edition.

For more information regarding the game's editions - head here.


We're only getting bits and pieces of information so far about the features and game modes in MLB The Show 21, with new previews coming in the form of trailers with Coach and Tatis Jr.

One of the biggest changes is the debut of crossplay, a game-changing feature for MLB The Show 21 and sports titles as a whole that will allow players on Xbox and PlayStation consoles to challenge each other online.

While a move to Nintendo Switch could happen, extension of crossplay to that platform is less likely.

If you check out the various trailers here, you'll see what has been revealed so far about the gameplay and features for MLB The Show 21.

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Cross platform progression is a gamechanger

Before we get to MLB The Show 21 on Nintendo Switch, we did get a recent revelation in an interview that this year's title will have the groundbreaking addition of cross platform progression.

This is major news for players planning to buy the title and later upgrade to Next Gen consoles, as they won't be forced to start from scratch.

Instead, progress can be taken this year between platforms, and even between PlayStation and Xbox, but what bout Nintendo Switch?

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