FIFA 21 Nintendo Switch: Release date, Gameplay, Ultimate Team, Career Mode, Volta & more

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We may still have a few months left of FIFA 20, but the countdown to FIFA 21 is well underway.

Whilst we know there is likely to be big improvements and potentially some drastic changes to the PS4 and Xbox One editions of the football sim and with the Next-Gen consoles scheduled for a winter release, there’s sure to be a big debut on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

But one console which gets left in the dark somewhat when it comes to FIFA is the Nintendo Switch.

It’s the leading handheld console, so could we see a breakthrough FIFA title come this year?

FIFA 21 Switch Release date

EA often release their football title on the last Friday of September – therefore, expect FIFA 21 on Friday, 25 September 2020. This will be the same for the Switch version.

FIFA 20 on Switch

If we’re being honest, FIFA 20 on the Nintendo Switch was disappointing.

The popularity of the Switch continues to grow and, as a result, we were expecting EA to make big improvements to their handheld title and to be honest, it was more of a FIFA 19 2.0 than FIFA 20.

Labelled as a "Legacy" Edition - the Switch version got a score of 43/100 on Metacritic.

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There was very little change from FIFA 19. The Volta game mode never made its way to the Switch, nor was there any update to Ultimate Team.

The only real changes were the new kits, stadiums and player updates.

Ultimate Team improvements on Switch

It’s something which handheld FIFA players, whether it be PSP, PS Vita or Nintendo Switch, have been crying out for for years, a decent Ultimate Team mode.

It’s by far the biggest game mode on FIFA, it brings in the most revenue and for most, it’s simply the most enjoyable form of FIFA.

Ultimate Team Switch
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GROWTH? Ultimate Team first came to the Switch on FIFA 18

However, whilst the Switch is certainly the most impressive so far, it’s not reached the heights of the consoles yet.

It’s not a bad game mode by any stretch of the imagination but, with PS4 and Xbox One obviously leading the way, the Switch version lacks a niche.

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Whether its exclusive SBCs, features or something else - EA needs to cater for this audience.

Volta for FIFA 21?

As mentioned already, Volta never made it’s way to the Switch on FIFA 20, that is something we need to see on FIFA 21.

The Switch is the ideal console for it too. It’s a console which you can pick up, spend half an hour on and then put back down.

he fast-paced, free-flowing nature of Volta fits the bill perfectly.

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SWITCHING IT UP - No Volta on Switch was a big miss from EA

Would that be enough to keep Switch players happy though? A hand-me-down from FIFA 20?

EA would probably need to add more than just Volta to stay on top, but Volta has to be in.


We’ve already looked at VAR and whether or not it will make an appearance on FIFA 21.

If it does, we’d love to see it on the Switch.

VAR Football Manager
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FM to FIFA? VAR came to Football Manager back in 2019

It would be something which Switch gamers would appreciate too.

Having a new FIFA feature make its debut on the handheld console would show that EA is committed to making FIFA on the Switch as good as it can be.

There’s been plenty of talk surrounding the future of FIFA on the Switch. To put it simply, EA has to drop a big title this year.

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