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31 Dec 2020

MLB The Show 21: Cover Star - Who's earned the spot this year?

MLB The Show 2021 will be the first big sports release of the new year, but who makes the cover of the game will be a tough call.

Let's go over the best options for the MLB The Show 21 cover, and our predictions for who will be the face of baseball gaming in 2021.

MLB The Show 21 Cover Star

MLB The Show 21 should kick off the new year as the first major sports title if all things remain on schedule.

MLB The Show 21 Cover Star Release Date Delays Trailer
STEP UP TO THE PLATE: Who will make the cut as cover star in 2021?

Coming off of an interesting year in baseball where competition was fierce to the bitter end in the World Series, there are plenty of candidates for who should get the cover star spot this year.

But the two most likely candidates for MLB The Show 21 cover star are the AL and NL MVPs, Freddie Freeman (NL) and Jose Abreu (AL).

MLB The Show 21 Delays Release Date Trailer Cover Star
HOME RUN: Will MLB The Show 21 be a step up?

Neither of these players have had a cover yet, and both would make great additions to the series.

We expect we'll know which player has made the MLB The Show 21 cover in roughly February, as we expect the game to release in March based on SIE San Diego Studio's statements so far.

Release Date

MLB The Show 21 currently has no confirmed release date, but with SIE San Diego Studio pushing back reveals to 2021, and the usual release schedule landing in March alongside MLB action, we expect the game will arrive in early March.

MLB The Show 21 Release Date Trailer Beta Cover Athlete
CATCH UP: MLB The Show 21 will pick up fast in the new year

This means we can also expect a beta some time in February, and the first trailers for the game in January.

Because the studio has pushed reveals for the game into 2021, there is still the possibility that MLB The Show 21 will be delayed due to COVID-19. It certainly wouldn't be the first game to suffer this fate.