MLB The Show 21 to debut on Xbox, some hope PC is next

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MLB The Show 21 is no longer a PlayStation exclusive, and success with a release on Xbox continues to stir speculation about an eventual PC release.

MLB The Show 21 has already broken ground with crossplay, cross-platform progression, and the leap to Xbox, but will that continue with a PC release in 2021?

Latest - June Daily Moments arrive

MLB The Show 21 is always keeping Diamond Dynasty fresh with new content, and that includes the new June Daily Moments Program.

This will push players to launch their game each day and work through the program to score some major rewards.

We've got all the details here about the June Daily Moments Program.

Will MLB The Show 21 be on PC?

This is where things get strange.

Back in December, MLB Communications Tweeted that MLB The Show will become "multi-platform" on a "multi-year" agreement.

We have since seen the game confirmed for Xbox, and there's also been a tease from Nintendo America's Twitter.

That said, as of yet - there has been no news of the title arriving on PC.

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However, with Xbox owned by Microsoft, it would not be a huge surprise for the title to become available on PC. So, for now, watch this space.

This move to allow the previously exclusive PlayStation title on to Xbox could open the door to more conversations around future games and crossplay - it could prove to be a very poignant move for the gaming industry as a whole.

Release Date

MLB The Show 21 was released on Tuesday, April 20, 2021, but only on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS4, and PS5.

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Plenty of games have done staggered releases with a secondary platform like PC coming out after the initial release of the title, but it doesn't yet look like that will be the case for MLB The Show 21.

It's possible that Sony San Diego is just keeping things under wraps, but right now it looks most likely that MLB The Show 21 won't land on PC.

However, it's still possible, and there's also the option of MLB The Show 22 making that jump to another platform next year.


Xbox Game Pass

This is the first year the former PlayStation exclusive franchise landed on Xbox consoles, and that included MLB The Show 21 on Xbox Game Pass.

While MLB The Show 21 did land on Xbox Game Pass on day one when the title launched on April 20, 2021, we don't yet know when it's leaving.

Xbox Game Pass titles sometimes stay for as long as a year or leave much sooner, and all we know for sure is Xbox will signal the game's departure from the service a few weeks to a month prior to it leaving the service.

Cover Athlete

You will see from the above trailer that the MLB The Show 21 Cover Athlete is San Diego Padres star Fernando Tatis Jr.

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It's also been revealed that Jackie Robinson has been chosen for the special editions, and the Jackie Robinson and Deluxe Editions will feature that legend.

You can find more details here about the various editions of MLB The Show 21.

Price & Pre Order

As MLB The Show 21 has now been released, it is no longer available to pre order, but is available to purchase on all four release consoles.

The Standard Edition costs $59.99 on PS4 and Xbox One and $69.99 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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If you choose to order one of the non-standard editions of MLB The Show 21, you'll get some great rewards that'll give your Diamond Dynasty team an immediate boost.

You can find more details here on each edition and what rewards come with them.

Cross platform progression is huge

While we'd already heard that MLB The Show 21 would head to Xbox consoles for the first time this year and bring crossplay to the table as well, the latest revelation may be just as big.

In an interview prior to the game's release, it was announced that MLB The Show 21 would have cross platform progression, which means that players who upgrade to Next Gen systems won't have to start over.

That even means players who start on Xbox One could later upgrade to a PS5 and carry their progress in MLB The Show 21 to that new platform, but could this signal an eventual PC release as well?

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