MLB The Show 21: Fielding Control Guide, Rob Home Run

MLB The Show 21 has plenty of game modes to pick from, but in just about all of them you'll need good fielding.

From knowing how to rob home runs or dive for a dynamic catch, here's everything you need to know about fielding controls in this guide for MLB The Show 21.

Latest - Team Affinity Season 2

The next major content drop for MLB The Show 21 arrives on Friday, May 28, 2021 and marks the launch of Team Affinity Season 2.

That means several new Legends will join the game, and we've got all the details on the newly announced Diamonds for Team Affinity Season 2.

On top of that, MLB The Show 21 will have another roster update on that day, a new collection, new event, and more.

Fielding Controls

When you enter the Options Explorer in MLB The Show 21 through the bottom of the main menu, you can view the fielding interface choices.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Throwing Guide
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INTERFACE OPTIONS: Choose how much or little guidance you want

The game will default to drifting ball, and this is the most useful interface that gives you a slowly shrinking indicator as the ball gets closer to the ground and needs to be caught.

Use the left stick when on the field to move your fielding player into position to catch the ball, at which point you may need to dive or jump in order to catch it.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Guide
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WAIT FOR IT: Get in position and let the ball come to you

You can jump by pressing R1 / RB and dive by pressing R2 / RT, or the right stick can be used for this, but keep in mind there is a higher risk of missing the ball entirely and causing the play to go wrong.

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Throwing Controls

When fielding, there are various controls you'll need to acclimate to in order to throw effectively during a game.

The full controls for PS4 can be seen below, and these should be similar on PS5 and work the same on Xbox except for the button symbols.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Throwing Guide
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THROWING CONTROLS: Take a close look so you know what to expect

Making the right throw is a huge difference when making a play, so it's always a good idea to be aware of where runners are at and know ahead of time which base you'll likely be throwing to in case of contact.

For details on other controls in MLB The Show 21, view our complete controls guide.

Preload Throw Timing

Like the fielding interface, you have a few options for throwing, but the most challenging and effective can be button accuracy.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Guide
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VARIED CHALLENGE: Make throwing as simple or difficult as you want

This requires the most intricate timing, and you'll want to press the button for the base you intend to throw to prior to your player even picking up the ball.

Once you've begun to press, the button accuracy meter will appear, and a marker will drift from the left side to the right side only once, and not drift back.

MLB The Show 21: Fielding Control Guide, Rob Home Run
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THE FINESSE: It takes practice to nail the timing when throwing

Release the button when the marker is close to the center and in the green area of the accuracy meter in order to make the best throw.

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How to Rob Home Run in MLB The Show 21

One of the most exciting things to try when fielding in MLB The Show 21 is managing to rob a home run and steal that moment from the opposing team.

It's also quite difficult to manage, but the new rob home run indicators this year help make it easier.

MLB The Show 21 Fielding Controls Guide Rob Home Run
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STEAL THE MOMENT: Take that home run away from your opponent

The indicator can be seen above in a shot from the Fielding Overhaul Feature Premiere, and is shown during the game as three different arrows that change from orange/yellow to green in rhythm.

When the third arrow turns green, that's a signal to you that it's time to jump, which you can do with the right stick or by pressing R1 / RB in order to take to the air and rob that home run.

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