March to October brings fast action to MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 has been all action since launch, and one of the improved game modes is March to October.

The Franchise Mode alternative was originally introduced in MLB The Show 19, but it's back again in MLB The Show 21, and the March to October is looking better than ever.

March to October can be tricky, but playing it can also earn you progress elsewhere. Here's our guide on the MLB The Show 21 March to October game mode, and how best to use it.

Latest - March to October can bolster Diamond Dynasty mode

March to October has proven to be a major opportunity to boost your fortunes in Diamond Dynasty.

If you couple the Team Affinity Program with March to October, there's plenty of opportunities to earn rewards.

Users should play the Team Affinity Program associated with their team's division. The amount of rewards will vary based on the degree of difficulty the user plays on. These rewards can help players earn stubs and different packs to give your Diamond Dynasty squad a head start.

March to October Trailer

PlayStation posted this short teaser on their YouTube channel going over some of the new content featured in March to October in MLB The Show 21.

Confirmed Features

In this year's edition, The Show's users will be able to participate in multi-season March to October campaigns.

This is ideal for players who want to repeat as World Series champs or even see their squad bounce back from a disappointing season without going through the hassle and responsibility of Franchise mode.

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YOU'RE OUTTA HERE - If a player is slumping you can ship him out of town or send him to the minors in March to October

Sony's San Diego Studio also added in for users to be able to access their team's Minor League rosters and have the ability to bring players up and send them down based on their performance.

March to October Wishlist

We're sure more March to October info will come to light - here's what we'd like to see!


Right out of the gate, users should have the option to send their manager out to argue a call at critical points throughout the game.

If a team is down by one run heading into the late innings and there is a close call at the bag or a brutal third strike call, the manager should be able to head out to the ump and give him a piece of their mind.

The same should be allowed for players.

Let the guys fire their teammates up by letting out their frustrations. It would be a fun way to spice up close games.

Increase Trade Options

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ALL IN - Allow teams to put together big packages of players/prospects in order to make the postseason push

If teams want to make a big push for the postseason, they should be allowed to blow up their farm systems and give up a bunch of prospects for an ace.

The limit to three players in a trade is not realistic for baseball fans and that is an area that definitely should be addressed in March to October.

With the ability to interact with minor leagues for the first time in March to October there is no reason why the limit to three players in a trade should be expanded.

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Adding those two features into March to October would solidify the mode as the best in MLB The Show 21.

Stadium Creator not available in March to October

Last week's Feature Premiere taking a closer look at next gen gave us some great information about the new next gen-exclusive Stadium Creator.

This new mode will allow players to create the ballpark of their dreams for use throughout MLB The Show 21, but not every mode will get to use these creations.

They revealed exactly which modes Stadium Creator will work with during the Feature Premiere, and March to October is on the "won't work" list, so players will have to enjoy their custom stadiums elsewhere in MLB The Show 21.

Guides to improve your gameplay

If you're heading into a long Franchise Mode, chances are you'll be playing several games and important moments throughout the season.

If you've got some particular part of your gameplay that's lacking and needs improvement, we've got guides to help you fine tune and improve in those areas.

Check out our guides on hitting, pitching, fielding, and baserunning to improve your skills and pave the way to the World Series.

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