MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform Progression Confirmed

MLB The Show 21 is rolling hard towards the launch of the title next month, and in the process they've just confirmed a groundbreaking bit of news for players across every system.

MLB The Show 21 will officially have cross platform progression both between Current Gen and Next Gen platforms, and even between PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

MLB The Show 21 Cross Platform Progression Confirmed

While we've known that MLB The Show 21 will have crossplay to allow players to compete against those on other systems, we now have confirmation that the title will have cross platform progression.

The news was revealed by MLB The Show 21 Product Development Communications and Brand Strategist Ramone Russell in an exclusive interview with IGN, and it's huge news for those planning to play the title.

This means players who purchase the game for a Current Gen system and later upgrade to Next Gen won't have to start from scratch, which is a major incentive to snag a Special Edition of the title that includes both Next Gen and Current Gen versions of the game.

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What exactly do we know?

In the interview with IGN, Russell was asked about the experience of having Xbox development kits for the first time and becoming a multi-platform studio, and this is what he said.

"It's been another labor of love going from shipping one game on one console with MLB The Show 20 to now shipping four games on four different consoles. So, it's been a pretty large undertaking with our small development team," Russell said.

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"But not only are we on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Series S, we also have cross platform play and we have cross progression," he continued, confirming cross platform progression for the first time.

"So, it doesn't matter what platform you're on or what system. You can take your progression across different systems. It doesn't matter, and you can play anybody on any console," Russel said.

While they've yet to explain the process itself, this is great news for anyone planning to play the title throughout the year on more than one console, especially if you are hoping to make the Next Gen leap after purchasing the game.

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