MLB The Show 21 Hitting Guide: Tips, Tricks & more

MLB The Show 21 continues to improve the quality of the game since launch, and also add new content for players to challenge their hitting.

If you want to be a master at batting so you're sending off home runs left and right, our tips and tricks about settings, controls, and more in this MLB The Show 21 hitting guide are exactly the kind of thing that will help.

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The main reason is due to the hidden rewards littered across the various Conquest maps, including the new 2nd Inning UFO Conquest map that was just added.

MLB The Show 21 Conquest Map UFO 2nd Inning Diamond Dynasty Hidden Rewards
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UNIDENTIFIED CONQUEST: The new 2nd Inning U.F.O. is now live

Check out our guide to Conquest in Diamond Dynasty for tips, tricks, and detailed maps with locations to all of the hidden rewards you can unlock.

Hitting Controls in MLB The Show 21

Ultimately, batting is all about timing, but knowing the controls can help you keep focused elsewhere when hitting in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Zone Interface
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PROVEN AND POPULAR: Most players use the Zone Interface

Zone Interface, for which the controls are seen above, is the most common and most widely used hitting style in MLB The Show 21.

However, you can choose to simplify things a bit if you'd prefer and go with the Directional Interface.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Directional Interface
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MAKE IT SIMPLER: Directional removes some of the challenge when batting

The controls for Directional Hitting are simpler, but because of that offer less accuracy and effectiveness based on your own input.

Hitting Tips for Beginners

If you're new to MLB The Show 21, there are some quick tips to keep in mind that will improve your batting as you play the game.

If you're using the Zone Interface, take note of the high sensitivity when moving the PCI, and try to only make slightly movements rather than adjusting it largely in any direction.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Tips Beginners
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START OFF RIGHT: These tips help you get rolling in MLB The Show 21

Be patient when batting. Some pitches aren't meant to be swung at, and learning to err on the side of caution if something looks wide can become a major benefit.

Against each pitcher you face, watch their pitching motion closely to try and determine when the pitch is released, as getting a good feel for this will help you identify what kinds of pitches might be coming.

While the frequency of certain pitches can vary based on pitcher and situation, consider how many balls and strikes there are and you can usually expect a fastball in the strike zone if the ball count is high.

Swing Types in MLB The Show 21

There are four types of swings in MLB The Show 21, but many players suggest only focusing on the simplest one.

The normal swing can be the most effective in the game at times, despite the simplistic approach that might seem to be.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Swing Types
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NOTHING WRONG WITH NORMAL: Sometimes simple is better

Power swings are harder to connect with, but can have a major payoff when done right.

Using a contact swing is generally for when you absolutely need to connect with the ball, but you may often be just as well off using a normal swing in that situation.

The final swing type is a bunt, which can be used early for a sacrifice bunt or late for a drag bunt, and those will only apply in certain situations.

How to Check Swing

Check swings are back in MLB The Show 21, and they're more difficult to use but can be a major help if you're able to get the timing down.

Doing a check swing in MLB The Show 21 involves pulling back your bat before following through on the swing, but this can only be done based on how close the pitch is to delivering.

If you get the timing down, it'll give you the chance to cancel out potentially costly swings, which you do by either releasing the button moving the stick in time.

MLB The Show 21 Check Swing
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PULL IT BACK: Check swings let you avoid swinging at an errant pitch

Whether using analog or buttons, you'll have to release before the full swing happens and before the pitch arrives.

If you want to make sure not to check swing, hold the button or keep the stick pushed in the necessary direction to make sure your player follows through with the swing.

MLB The Show 20 included a player discipline rating in the execution of check swings, but that's been removed entirely and it's 100% reliant on user input this year.

Best Batting Options

The way you choose to set up your batting options in MLB The Show 21 can come down largely to personal preference, but there are a few settings many players find helpful.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Options
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ZOOM IN: Get a better view of the ball that's coming your way

One of the most crucial is changing the Hitting View to Strike Zone. While not quite as pleasant a view, this zoomed in option makes it easier to focus on a track the pitching as it's coming towards the batter.

The other main change that is often made is adjusting the aesthetics of the Plate Coverage Indicator (PCI).

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls PCI Options Interface
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VISUAL AIDE: Make the PCI work for you and not against you

Many players prefer Diamonds, Inner Wedge, and Outer None to keep things simple and less cluttered as you focus on an incoming pitch, but go with what helps you most.

Batting Stances

If you're making a Ballplayer in MLB The Show 21, it can be difficult to decide whether to choose one of the preset batting stances or to make one of your own.

While their impact can vary, a few batting stances that return in MLB The Show 21 have been proven boosts for certain batting styles in recent years.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Batting Stances
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STAND TALL: Proven stances can make a difference in MLB The Show 21

If you aim to focus on power, using the stances for Max Muncy and Anthony Rendon are a good call, whereas Chipper Jones 2008 from the Former Players section of batting stances is a great all-around choice.

If you feel like your custom stance could be causing issues and want something others have had success with in the past, give these batting stances a try instead.

Using Practice Mode

While nailing the timing for hitting in MLB The Show 21 can take lots of practice, the good news is that Practice Mode has been majorly improved this year.

Not only can you choose which players to practice with and against, but you can even specify where you want pitches to land.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Practice Mode
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DO THE WORK: Put in the practice to improve your swing

If you're struggling particularly against high and inside pitches, you can select those zones and focus your practice against that kind of ball.

It's also a good idea to practice against different kinds of pitches and get used to how they usually travel and land, which will help you out long-term in MLB The Show 21.

Pure Analog Controls

While most players will use the buttons interface to swing in MLB The Show 21, you also have the option to use analog for hitting.

MLB The Show 21 Batting Hitting Guide Controls Pure Analog Check Swings
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ALTERED INPUT: Analog is different, but might be the fit for you

There is a slight difference between Pure Analog and changing input type to analog, as you can actually choose to analog swing while staying in the Zone or Directional interface.

If you choose Pure Analog, you'll need to follow the controls detailed above to choose a direction in the Zone and execute your swing type.

If you're struggling with the timing using buttons for hitting, try out analog as an input type or the Pure Analog interface and see if it works better for you.

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