PUBG Mobile Season 11: Release date, Royale Pass price, how to download, rewards, map, features, weapons, skins, DLC, leaks, news & more

With the new year comes a new season, featuring never before seen weapons and vehicles.

PUBG Mobile Season 11 is here and Operation Tomorrow has landed.

Expect to see new vehicle skins, weapon finishes, parachutes, rewards and emotes – and that’s just to name a few of the cosmetics.

The Golden Pan has already shared some of the new emotes that will be available to Royale Pass subscribers, but there will be much more coming with the Season 11 update.

There is even an Ace Parachute with “S11” printed on top. Class.

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Bookmark this piece and listen out for our final few updates on PUBG Mobile Season 11. Let’s now take a deeper look at what we think is in store.

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Release date

PUBG Mobile Season 11 will begin on January 10th (a Friday), and with each season lasting around two months, you’ll have plenty of time to master a new map and weapons.

WATCH YOUR SIX: Keep your eyes peeled and trust your senses

Each week there will be several missions made available for standard and elite players who have the Royal Pass.

What’s new?

Through a series of leaks, we can more or less confirm the update will see the release of the following items.

  • New M416 Skin
  • New M762 Skin
  • Backpack
  • Pan Skin
  • Helmet Skin

The new skins will match the sci-fi futuristic theme so expect a lot of colour and flash that help dazzle your opponents on the battleground.

New ‘Town’ Map

Coming to Domination mode, the new map ‘Town’ arrives.

Players now can enter the new Arena map, where they will be assigned to either the blue or red team for a 4v4 battle and capture the bases to win.

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