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Madden 24 is here at long last. After a long off-season the NFL is gearing up for another year of battle, triumph, and failure on the gridiron which means it's also Madden season.

A new run at Ultimate Team glory, dominating Franchise Mode, and trying to create a GOAT in Superstar awaits. But how can you master it all? Find out here in our ultimate Madden 24 guide!

Latest News - Headliners 2 lands

The latest MUT content drop for Madden 24 is here at long last! After leaving players with little to do but buy packs, a new set of challenges and rewards are finally arriving.

Headliners 2 will land in Ultimate Team on 24 August, with the second part of Headliners Forge arriving on 26 August.

Madden 24 controls

The first thing you need to know is the Madden 24 controls. Without these you won't be scoring many touchdowns or getting any sacks. If you've played before then you will be pleased to know that not too much has changed. Things like stiff arms, jukes, and catching remain the same.

The Madden 24 controls for ball carrying on Xbox
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KNOW YOUR ROLE - Thinking about the controls will only slow you down!

However, there are new passing styles that you can opt to use. The classic style still works if you don't fancy a change though! If you are new to the game we recommend learning the controls by going into quick play and just doing a few few games against a low-rated AI team to understand how everything works.


As ever, Madden 24 playbooks are crucial to success. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses, with some teams playbooks built more for a ground game and other for spread passing. While there is a lot of cross-over with basic fundamental plays, some have rare formations and plays that can truly blow defenses wide open.

A top down view of the Steelers offense going against the Bengals defense in Madden 24
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DRAW IT UP - Plays are crucial in Madden

You should pick a playbook that reflects the style of football you want to play, and that goes for both sides of the ball. However there are some that are more "meta" than others, and suit those who play more PvP Madden than against AI.

You can see our picks for the best Madden 24 playbooks here.

Madden 24 ratings

Every year the EA Sports team has to rate thousands of NFL players to make Franchise Mode work. These ratings are always a hot topic, and will change every week based on real-world performance throughout the season.

There are five members of the 99 Club when the game first launched, but once the season starts and weekly ratings adjustments are made that could change.

As ever though, you can't judge a Madden player just on their OVR, as it doesn't give a full read of their pros and cons. We've picked out a few players you should trade for in Franchise Mode as well as some of the best young players in Madden 24 who can lead your franchise to glory.

Madden 24 sliders

The Madden series is the only officially licensed NFL game available. That will change soon, as EA's agreement is for "simulation" football games. However, many consider Madden as it is to be a poor simulation of the NFL, but there is a way to improve it, and that is by tweaking the Madden 24 sliders.

Madden 24 penalty slider
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These sliders can change the frequency of penalties or the relative ability of your players in comparison to the CPU teams in Franchise Mode or Superstar. That means you can adjust the difficulty of certain aspects of the game within your chosen overall difficulty level.

Passing styles

Madden 24 has three passing styles to pick from, and this choice will be crucial because unless you are making a linebacker Superstar you will be throwing passes in every game mode!

The options are: Placement + accuracy, Placement + power, and Classic. Each option asks you to do something different and understanding which is right for you is vital. We've broken down each of the passing styles here so you can pick the right one!

Superstar mode

Superstar returns in Madden 24, replacing Face of the Franchise. While they are roughly similar modes there are a few differences too. Each Superstar mode save will be a little different, but there is one thing every player, no matter the position, will have to do... Get drafted!

Get drafted in Madden 24
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To improve your chances of going high in the draft you will want to nail the physical tests at the Combine and get full marks in the interview. To help you we've gathered up every question and answer for the Combine interview.

We will be adding to our Madden 24 ultimate guide as the year progresses so keep it bookmarked!

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