Madden 24 Release Date & Cover Athlete Predictions

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With another year fast approaching, our Madden 24 release date predictions take an early look at when fans can expect the next installment.

Now that season standouts have begun to appear, we'll also look at the top contenders to become the Madden 24 cover athlete.


Madden 24 Release Date Prediction

While we've got several months worth of content still expected in Madden 23, some fans are already looking optimistically toward the launch of Madden 24.

This longtime annual release hasn't missed a year in decades, so we have no doubts that EA Sports does plan to drop Madden 24 as the next NFL season approaches.

While not official just yet, our Madden 24 release date prediction has the game arriving on Friday, August 18, 2023.

Madden 24 Release Date Cover Athlete
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This would perfectly align with the timing used in recent years, particularly Madden 23 and Madden 22 which both had a worldwide launch on the third Friday in August.


Exact details should be announced in the middle of June 2023, as this has consistently been when EA Sports makes their top reveals getting the hype cycle rolling for each new Madden game.

We can also expect that Madden 24 Early Access will be on the table as well as an EA Play Trial, each of which could deliver the game as early as Tuesday, August 15, 2023 if our predictions hold true.

Cover Athlete Predictions

When it comes to deciding who will be the face of the game in 2023, there's stiff competition but no overly clear pick this year.

Mainstays like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are either seeing their careers falter or were too recently on the cover, or both.

Constant year over year standouts like Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson feel too recent, especially after the double-repeat of Madden 22 and honorary John Madden pick for Madden 23.

However, here are a few top Madden 24 cover athlete candidates that look poised to get the nod:


Josh Allen - Buffalo Bills

If there's a favorite for Madden 24 cover athlete at this point it's probably going to be quarterback Josh Allen.

We're now several years into the Josh Allen era, and he's definitely not taken his foot off the gas at any point in the process.

Allen has the stats and the national recognition, in addition to fitting their quarterback-preference mold.

Jalen Hurts - Philadelphia Eagles

A less likely but fully deserving option could be Philadelphia Eagles QB Jalen Hurts who has continued to lead the Eagles on an amazing run in 2022.

The likelihood of Hurts getting the nod may depend on how their season closes things out, but he's definitely in the running.


Tyreek Hill - Miami Dolphins

Finally, we have a wide receiver who many may have thought for years would end up as a cover athlete wearing his old Chiefs uniform.

Tyreek Hill has proven himself fully capable in his new home with the Miami Dolphins, and a strong finish could easily make him the Madden 24 cover athlete.