Madden 24: All passing styles explained

Madden 24 Josh Allen

Madden 24 Josh Allen

Passing is an integral part of every offensive playbook in the NFL and there are new Madden 24 passing styles for players this year. There are three passing styles in Madden 24, and we will explain them in this article. Also, we’ll provide differences between those passing styles and conclude which is the best to use.

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Stay with us as we explain everything you need to know about passing styles in Madden 24.

Difference between all passing styles in Madden 24

When you launch Madden 24, the game will ask you your preferred passing type. There are three styles provided: Placement and Power, Placement and Accuracy, and Classic.

  • Placement + Accuracy – Enables a timing element for perfect accuracy on bullet passes on top of visual targets to control the pass placement and power.
  • Placement + Power – Enables visual targets to control the pass placement and power only, leaving accuracy to be determined by player ratings.
  • Classic – Disables Skill-Based Passing to use classic Madden passing button controls.

In case you skipped the initial passing type selection, don’t worry, because here is the solution. You can change your preferred passing style after the intro. Go to Settings, then Game Options, and scroll down to Passing Mechanics.

Placement and Accuracy passing style in Madden 24

If you like to throw horizontal passing routes, such as posts and slants, the placement and accuracy passing style is for you. It is a complex passing type, but in our opinion, it’s the best one of the three.

Madden 24 Placement and Accuracy Passing Style
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Placement and Accuracy

The visual meter above your receiver’s head determines how well you throw the pass overall. That includes both power and accuracy. This allows quarterbacks to squeeze the ball just out of reach of the defenders or right in between them when it comes to short crossing routes.

There is no downside to trying it out. The settings will default to the quarterback's accuracy if the player messed up the time meter. Some of the best wide receivers in Madden 24 love to receive a quick screen pass and then use their speedy feet to gain yards. The placement and accuracy passing style are precisely what they need.

Placement and Power passing style in Madden 24

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Now, the placement and power passing style is recommended for players who like vertical pass routes. We're talking about go routes and hooks. A quarterback needs a strong arm to perform such a pass, so even if the best cornerbacks in Madden 24 guard your receiver, they will be powerless.

Madden 24 Placement and Power Passing Style
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Placement and Power

A specific circle on the field will appear when performing this passing style. If you hit the time meter, the touchdowns will be unavoidable. Although your wideout has to beat his defender to that specific circle by using his movement and speed, he can come back toward the ball and still secure the reception.

A good wide receiver will get separation and make a reception. Just like with placement and accuracy, don’t worry if you fail to hit the time meter. The game will default to the QB’s accuracy and power attributes.

Classic passing style in Madden 24

If you never played Madden before, the classic passing style in Madden 24 is the right way to start. Every pass attempt in this style will be better with the two mentioned earlier, but considering you are new to this football franchise, it’s okay.

Madden 24 Classic Passing style
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In this passing style, everything revolves around a quality quarterback. This setting will always determine success based on the quarterback's statistics, and that’s why it's crucial to have some of the best quarterbacks in Madden 24.

After playing a few games, you will quickly learn everything about the timing of the release. Then, you will be good to go with the placement accuracy, and placement power passing styles in Madden 24.

We hope this guide answered all the questions you had regarding the passing styles in Madden 24 and will help you master them quickly. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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