Madden 24: How to master the Juke mechanic

Madden 24 gamepaly

Madden 24 gamepaly

We already explained how to tackle in Madden 24, but if you are a ball carrier and want to avoid that tackle, you must know how to juke in Madden 24. With this special move, even the best cornerbacks in Madden 24 will not get you.

Thanks to new features and improved gameplay, the players can perform some fantastic passes and catches. However, after catching the ball, you need to avoid defenders. That’s why a timely juke is crucial.

Defenders will be all over you, trying to take that ball out of your hands and force a fumble. This guide will tell you how to juke in Madden 24.

Importance of Jukes in Madden 24

Normally, jukes are performed by a wide receiver as he tries to evade defenders on his path to the end zone. They can help you create separation from the defenders, and win some extra yards.

This is how to juke in Madden 24
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A juke move in Madden 24

Performing a juke move in the correct way can be the difference between reaching the end zone or being tackled at the 10-yard line. It can help you secure a lot of important downs and even score some touchdowns from kick returns.

So, let's take a look at how you can execute a Juke move to perfection.

How to juke in Madden 24

As mentioned above, knowing how to juke in Madden 24 is very important, and having great WRs will make it much easier to do. However, this move can be just as effective in lower OVR players. Here are the commands you need to know if you want to master the juke feature in Madden 24.

Xbox – Flight the right stick to the right for a right juke, left for a left juke, and down for a dead leg juke.

PlayStation – Flick the right stick to the right for a right juke, left for a left juke, and down for a dead leg juke.

PC – Press the A key for a left juke, the D key for a right juke, and the S key for a dead leg juke.

 Madden 24 D. J. Moore
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Although the joysticks will give you a better juking experience, you can do it via buttons as well. Y on Xbox is a hurdle, B is a spin move, and X is a dive, but that only comes into play when you want to jump towards the end zone.

We hope this guide helped you master the juke mechanic in Madden 24, and answered any questions you had about this feature. For more guides and all the latest news about Madden 24, check out Realsport101.

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