Best Young Players in Madden 24

San Francisco 49ers defense makes a stop against Dallas in Madden 24

San Francisco 49ers defense makes a stop against Dallas in Madden 24

Madden 24 has finally arrived and it is time to lead your favourite team to the Super Bowl once again, but for sustained success you will need some of the best young players in Madden 24.

These guys all start Franchise Mode aged 23 or under, meaning they have a long career ahead of them to make plenty of plays for you! Not all of these players will be easy to trade for, but we've picked a selection of Pro Bowlers and meta players for you to pick up.

So who are the best young players in Madden 24? Let's take a look!

Patrick Surtain II, CB, DEN (94 OVR)

We start with Denver's shutdown corner Patrick Surtain. The 6'2" CB starts Madden 24 as a 94 OVR player and is 23 years old, perfect for our list!

Patrick Surtain's player card in Madden 24
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He has massive 96 man coverage and 93 zone coverage with 93 speed, making him one of the best corners in the game regardless of age. This all comes with 94 press, 92 acceleration, and 92 jumping.

You can try to trade for him, but you might need to use a LOT of draft capital. He's also got that Superstar X-Factor development trait, meaning he will get even better as you progress your save.

Ja'Marr Chase, WR, CIN (94 OVR)

Next up is Ja'Marr Chase, who needs very little introduction. Since landing in Cincinnati as a the fifth overall pick in 2021 Chase has terrorised defenses and been basically unguardable.

Ja'Marr Chase's player card in Madden 24
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Chase is a dominant receiver, even at just 6'0" tall. He's got 94 speed, 94 catching, 97 spectacular catch and is a brilliant route runner, with all three stats hitting at least 92.

Chase is another one that might not be easy to acquire, but if you want to light up the scoreboard he's perfect!

Sauce Gardner, CB, NYJ (93 OVR)

The reigning Defensive Rookie of the Year might also be the best cornerback in the NFL. Sauce Gardner is 23 and comes into Madden 24 with a 93 OVR rating, which is low simply because of how Madden does its ratings calculations.

Sauce Gardner's player card in Madden 24
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Sauce is an ideal 6'3" corner with stellar ratings. He's got 97 man coverage, 92 zone coverage, 92 speed, and 91 press. He's only got a Superstar dev trait which is a shame, but he's still going to develop quickly and with his height and attributes he'll be a lockdown corner for any team.

Jameson Williams, WR, DET (79 OVR)

Let's get into someone who isn't 90+ OVR and you might be able to get a good deal on. Speed kills in Madden games, it always has and Madden 24 is no different.

Jameson Williams' player card in Madden 24
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The 22-year-old Lions receiver has an electric 98 speed with 95 acceleration, 94 agility, and 80 deep route running. He's a pure athlete at receiver, and with the way end arounds & jet sweeps work this year he can be deadly from anywhere on the field.

He's only a Star dev trait, but at such a young age he's got plenty of time to improve, while his 79 OVR means you won't have to break the bank to get him.

Amon-Ra St. Brown, WRC, DT (88 OVR)

Another Lions receiver! Amon-Ra St. Brown will be trickier to trade for than Williams, but he's very good.

Amon-Ra St. Brown player card in Madden 24
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A much more rounded receiver, St. Brown brings 97 catching, 91 jumping, 89 short & med route running and 89 speed. His balance and route running make him great for intermediate crossing routes which are so deadly in Madden.

His Superstar dev trait gives him good future prospects, and while he's a little shorter (6'0") than you might like he can still get behind defenses.

Trevor Lawrence, QB, JAX (82 OVR)

If you are looking for a young quarterback then Trevor Lawrence is the best one out there. The first overall pick in 2021, Lawrence has made the Jaguars relevant and exciting for the first time in a long, LONG time.

Trevor Lawrence player card in Madden 24
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Lawrence is a very well-rounded QB, bringing 93 throw power, 88 short accuracy, 84 medium accuracy, and 87 speed to the offense. That means you can stand in the pocket and sling it but also move around and make some yards on the ground.

His Superstar dev trait is lower than expected but still good and will let you develop him into an MVP-calibre QB in your franchise save.

Owen Pappoe, MLB, ARI (66 OVR)

How is a 66 OVR one of the best young players? Well, because he's FAST! Owen Pappoe is a fifth-round rookie and just 22 years old when Madden 24 starts, and while his OVR doesn't wow you his play on the field will.

Owen Pappoe player card in Madden 24
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This 6'0" rookie has blazing 93 speed and 95 acceleration, both of which are position-bests in Madden 24 and make him the perfect user defender for your Franchise Mode save.

While he's got a Normal dev trait, with his physicals starting so high you can build up the more technical side of his game while flying around the field breaking up passes and shutting down runs.

Bijan Robinson, HB, ATL (87 OVR)

At just 21 years old in Madden 24, Bijan Robinson is a star in the making. Taken eighth overall by the Atlanta Falcons in the 2023 draft he is set for a huge rookie season.

Bijan Robinson player card in Madden 24
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Robinson possesses 91 speed, 92 acceleration, 90 carrying, and an 86 juke move. He'll beat defenders on the ground, but with his 70 catching is also very good in the passing game too.

His dev trait is hidden, but you have plenty of time to improve him going forward!

Tyler Smith, LT, DAL (79 OVR)

Young offensive linemen that are high-quality are in short supply. While he's not got the highest OVR among young OL players we really like Tyler Smith in Madden 24.

Tyler Smith Madden 24 player card
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The 6'6" left tackle has the size to move mountains and is a very balanced blocker. He's got 94 strength, 88 impact block, 81 run block, and 81 pass block. You can be confident playing most systems with him and he won't cost you too much to acquire.

Kyle Pitts, TE, ATL (87 OVR)

You didn't think we would forget Kyle Pitts, right? The Falcons tight end is one of the most electrifying playmakers in the NFL, and is sure to be a difference-maker in Franchise Mode.

Kyle Pitts player card in Madden 24
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Pitts brings a position-best 93 acceleration and 91 speed to the offense, while being an incredible sound technical player with 88 catching, 88 spectacular catchm, and 80 short route running.

At 6'6" he will tower over a lot of defensive backs while his Superstar X-Factor dev trait means he will improve rapidly. Just don't expect him to do too much run blocking for you!

Looking for more trade targets? Take a look at our picks of the best players to trade for in Madden 24.

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