Madden 24 Interview Questions and Answers for Superstar Mode

Superstar getting drafted in Madden 24

Superstar getting drafted in Madden 24

A new NFL season is on the way and Madden 24 is finally here! This year Superstar mode has returned, replacing Face of the Franchise for the foreseeable future.

While they are pretty similar modes, Superstar gives you the choice to make a QB, HB, WR, LB, or CB. You can take them into Showdown or head straight to The League. This is the path into the NFL which will require you to get drafted. And if you want to go high you will need to know the answers to the Combine Interview!

Madden 24 interview questions and answers

Superstar starts with creating your player and then diving into the Combine. You'll want to physically test well, with many similar drills like the 40-yard dash and 20-yard shuttle, but also some position-specific ones.

Aaron Rodgers throws a pass in Madden 24
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TAKING OFF - Aaron Rodgers is on the Jets this year

Once you are done with the Combine you will be asked if you want to participate in an interview. You can pass up the invite, but you shouldn't! Nailing the interview will help you get drafted early and improve your attributes too. However, a bad performance can also tank your draft stock and make your player worse. Luckily, you can see the questions beforehand!

The interview is made up of 10 questions, and they aren't the same every time so if you do multiple Superstars you are unlikely to get repeated questions. Luckily for you, we've made a LOT of Superstars already and scouted the questions.

Joe Burrow under pressure in Madden 24
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FACE THE HEAT - Can you survive the pressure of the interview?

Here are all the answers for the Combine interview in Madden 24!

Who are the only teammates to appear on the Madden cover?
Tom Brady & Rob Gronkowski
In the Super Bowl era, which pair of division rivals are the only teams to complete an undefeated regular season?
New England and Miami
How many yards is the defense penalized for roughing the passer?
15 Yards
One touchdown + one successful two-point conversion + two field goals =
After meeting in the Super Bowl the previous season, which two players shared the cover of Madden 10?
Larry Fitzgerald and Troy Polamalu
John Madden is synonymous with what Thanksgiving dish?
The New England Patriots play in what Boston suburb?
After winning the MVP award in 2005, which running back was on the cover of Madden 07?
Shaun Alexander
As a commentator, John Madden popularized the use of what NFL broadcast feature?
How many yards does an onside kick need to go for the kicking team to successfully recover?
10 Yards
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Passing styles explained

Most players doing Superstar mode will choose to do so with a quarterback. That's understandable as they touch the ball on every offensive snap and are the most important player on the team.

If you are doing a quarterback Superstar save then you will need to pick which passing style you use. There are three to choose from and each one is a little different in its controls and what they ask of you for each throw.

Knowing which passing style is right for you is key, so we have outlined every passing style here.

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