Realistic Madden 23 Sliders & Settings for Gameplay, CPU, Penalties & Franchise Mode

Madden 23 sliders give players the option to adjust much of how the game operates in order to find the balance that's right for you.

With a lot of gameplay changes this year, here are the Madden 23 sliders and settings we have in mind so far for a more realistic experience.

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Madden 23 Sliders: How to adjust settings

With the addition of the new FieldSENSE gameplay engine in Madden 23 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, there are some big changes.

However, most of the Madden 23 sliders and settings should be applicable across both versions of the game.

We're still fine tuning these suggestions based on our own experience in Madden 23, but these will give players a good starting point if they don't feel the default options are delivering as hoped.

Keep in mind that much of this can be up to personal preference, so feel free to make your own adjustments if a specific aspect doesn't feel right to you.

Madden 23 sliders settings realistic
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In addition to decisions on primary Game Options like difficulty, you'll want to use the in-game tutorials provided to see how the three passing schemes feel.

Classic will provide you the same passing system as previous years, and it'll be the only one on current gen versions of the game.

Placement allows for more control and placement with an emphasis on pass strength, but Placement & Accuracy provides the most control over both power and accuracy.

Skill Based Passing assists and gameplay helpers are entirely up to player preference as to whether you want that extra feedback.

We've got more details here on how to use Skill Based Passing if you're having trouble deciding what's right for you.

Game Options for a Realistic NFL Experience

If you don't want to use the condensed gameplay style that Madden 23 defaults to, you'll want to make a few quick changes right out of the gate.

Use the following Clock Management settings in Game Options:

  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Play Clock: On
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds

Most other settings in Game Options are more about personal preference than realism, but you'll find three Player Sliders at the bottom.

Injuries, Fatigue, and Player Speed Parity Scale can all be adjusted at your preference, but we suggest leaving them on default values to begin.

Realistic Penalties Sliders

While you could always turn off penalties entirely for the fun of it, a realistic experience is going to require a more disciplined approach.

Use the following sliders for Penalties:

  • Offside: 80
  • False Start: 60
  • Offensive Holding: 70
  • Facemask: 40
  • Illegal Block in the Back: 70
  • Roughing the Passer: 40
  • Defensive Pass Interference: 60

Below these sliders there are several penalties with on/off settings, and you want to leave all of them set to "ON" for realism.

Player & CPU Gameplay Skill Sliders

The biggest area where you can adjust how Madden 23 feels on a larger scale will be via the Madden 23 sliders for Player Skill and CPU Skill.

It's important to note that many of these adjustments take into account the pre-FieldSENSE era of Madden and are still being fine tuned with this year's changes in mind.

However, these adjustments should still give you a good default template of Madden 23 sliders as you find the balance that's right for you.

Here are the Madden 23 sliders we suggest for Player Skill:

  • QB Accuracy: 35
  • Pass Blocking: 15
  • WR Catching: 55
  • Run Blocking: 40
  • Fumbles: 77
  • Reaction Time: 70
  • Interceptions: 15
  • Pass Coverage: 60
  • Tackling: 55
  • FG Power: 30
  • FG Accuracy: 25
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 40
  • Kickoff Power: 30

Next, here are the Madden 23 sliders we suggest for CPU Skill:

  • QB Accuracy: 10
  • Pass Blocking: 35
  • WR Catching: 45
  • Run Blocking: 70
  • Fumbles: 65
  • Reaction Time: 70
  • Interceptions: 60
  • Pass Coverage: 60
  • Tackling: 55
  • FG Power: 50
  • FG Accuracy: 35
  • Punt Power: 50
  • Punt Accuracy: 70
  • Kickoff Power: 30

If these don't feel right to you, we suggest either resetting to default settings or fine tuning by adjusting one or two at a time before trying a little gameplay to see if those changes feel better.

Franchise Mode League Settings & XP Sliders

Finally, we have Franchise Mode with its own settings for every save and independent sliders.

While many of the League Settings are up to personal preference and how much control you want in your Franchise Mode save, there are some starting options we suggest.

First off, XP Sliders can allow you to adjust the rate at which XP is earned for a specific position (if you feel it's being earned too quickly or slowly), but we suggest leaving these on default settings to begin.

If you want to fast forward or slow down the Staff Points process, you can adjust the amount needed to purchase Talents under Staff Talent Cost Modifier in League Settings.

We suggest the following Madden 23 settings for Franchise Mode as you first get rolling:

  • Skill Level: All-Pro
  • Game Style: Simulation
  • League Type: All
  • Instant Starter: Off
  • Trade Deadline: On
  • Trade Type: Enable All
  • Coach Firing: On
  • Salary Cap: On
  • Relocation Settings: Everyone (Can Relocate)
  • Injury: On
  • Pre Existing Injury: Off
  • Practice Squad Stealing: On
  • Career Clock: On
  • Progressive Fatigue: On
  • Practice Injury: On
  • Quarter Length: 10 Minutes
  • Accelerated Clock: Off
  • Minimum Play Clock Time: 20 Seconds

Anything not noted above, such as Dev Trait Management or Roster Protection settings, we suggest to leave on their default values to begin.

With so many broad gameplay changes this year, it may take time to find the right mix for you and your skill, but don't be afraid to change things up or reset to default if what you're using isn't right.

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