Madden 23 Passing Guide: How to use Skill Based Passing for every pass type

Being at the top of your game this year will require pinpoint Madden 23 passing which is why we came up with a guide for you.

It's not very complicated but there are a few things that you should know in order to perform well, especially since there are three types.

Let's take a look at each of these options and go over what you need to know.

Madden 23 Passing Guide

Before we go into a deep dive into all the different types of Madden 23 passing types there are and how to use them effectively, you need to get comfortable with the controls.

There have been a few updates and changes to the passing controls, including the free-form mechanic if you select it when you first launch the game.

Madden 23 passing controls
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PASSING CONTROLS: Pay close attention to the Free Form modifier above

As you can see, the L2 trigger is going to be used for Free Form passing if you've selected the Placement type of Madden 23 passing controls.

Here are the standard controls for passing in Madden 23 on the PS5:

  • Receiver 1 - X
  • Receiver 2 - O
  • Receiver 3 - Square
  • Receiver 4 - Triangle
  • Receiver 5 - R1
  • Scramble - LS+R2
  • Free Form (Placement) - L2
  • Low Pass (Classic) - L2
  • High Pass Modifier - L1
  • Playmaker - RS
  • Throw Ball away - Click R3
  • Pump Fake (Double Tap) - R1, Triangle, Square, O, X

If you've stuck with Classic, the L2 trigger is used to initiate a low pass and you won't have to worry about it very much.

Now, let's go into more detail on these passing mechanics.

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Classic Madden 23 Passing Guide

Although simple, the Classic version of Madden 23 passing is still a viable option but you'll be surrendering a lot of control.

If you played Madden 22, you likely remember that you can use the left stick to pass lead. This will provide you with a little more control than just pressing the icon of the receiver you wish to throw to.

Madden 23 passing
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PASS LEAD: Use LS to lead the ball slightly in front of or behind your receiver

The main problem with using Classic is that it could lead to more pass breakups and interceptions with all of the new defensive controls in the game.

This is why we believe using Free Form Placement and Skill-Based Passing are going to be the best option when it comes to Madden 23 passing.

Free Form (Placement) Madden 23 Passing

The easiest way to determine where exactly you want to put the ball is by using the Free Form setting in your Madden 23 passing controls.

Essentially, you'll use the L2 trigger to create an area outside the shaded zone and you can place the ball there along with holding the icon to determine the strength of the pass (Bullet, Touch, Lob).

Madden 23 passing
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FREE FORM PASSING: Complete passes within tight windows with Free Form passing

You'll have to be careful when using Free Form Madden 23 passing because you're more likely to throw an incomplete pass or an interception.

The best way to get used to this function is to head to the Skills Trainers to practice passing and complete the tutorials.

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