Madden 23: Release Date, Pre Order, Face of the Franchise Features, Ratings & more

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Madden 23 is well underway and after a couple of issues we've finally received our first Title Update of the year.

Here's everything you need to know about Madden 23 including its ratings, game modes, new gameplay changes, and more.

Latest - August Title Update

The August Title update has been delivered to Madden 23 but it's not nearly as large as we expected.

We also didn't expect that Franchise Mode would be avoided in the update. For some reason, EA decided not to update the popular game mode.

The August Title update for Madden 23 targeted a few gameplay bugs that should help the game run a bit more smoothly.

Here's what was changed:

  • Tuning to pass block locomotion for tackles to get deeper against edge pressure.
  • Improved end game flow.
  • Tuning and stability fixes.

To learn more about the Madden 23 August Title Update, follow this link.

Madden 23 Release Date

The final Madden 23 release date is Friday, August 19, 2022, but those with Early Access had the chance to get in the game much sooner.

The release went over well with the date nearly identical to the release date used for Madden 22.

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Madden 23 gameplay FieldSENSE
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TAKE CONTROL: FieldSENSE will shake up how gameplay moves in Madden 23

This date also allowed football fans to build up some hype for the upcoming NFL season, and get right into MUT and Franchise Mode gameplay as things heat up.

Game Modes, New Features & Trailers

After getting a reveal trailer that primarily unveiled John Madden and hyped the release of Madden 23 in general, we're finally learning about the new features coming all across this year's game.

First up, the Madden 23 gameplay trailer seen below highlighted FieldSENSE, a revamped gameplay engine that'll be exclusive to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

Franchise Mode got the next spotlight with a Deep Dive into some of what fans can look forward to, and we've got more details here on all the Free Agency upgrades this year.

However, some major and long-requested features like Create A Team remain absent from Madden 23 Franchise Mode.

More of the Deep Dive videos are still expected for Madden 23 Ultimate Team, Face of the Franchise, and more in the coming weeks.

We've got more here about why Face of the Franchise may have finally cracked the career mode formula in Madden 23.

Cover Athlete John Madden

As the first major reveal of the upcoming Madden 23, EA revealed the game's covers which will feature John Madden as its star.

Madden 23 covers john madden all-madden edition standard edition
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LEGENDARY: John Madden will front the cover for the third time in Madden 23

John Madden graces three different versions of the Madden 23 cover, with the far left shown above being for the Standard Edition on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The middle cover above will be for the Standard Edition on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, with the final on the far-right inspired by the original John Madden Football cover being for those who get the All Madden Edition.

All Ratings Revealed

After a chaotic week of reveals going position by position throughout the league, all the Madden 23 Ratings have now been confirmed.

That includes Team Ratings, as we've learned which teams will top the league when Madden 23 arrives and which players are set to dominate.

We've got more details here about all the Madden 23 Ratings including top players at every position and where all 32 teams ranked.

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