Madden 23 Playbooks: How to use the Raiders Offense to dominate in Ultimate Team

Madden 23 Playbooks offer a whole world of different options to players, but favorites always begin to emerge each year.

With the Raiders Offense once again a stalwart for many, we're outlining a few key plays you can utilize in Guy Y Off Trips to dominate in Madden 23 Ultimate Team.

Madden 23 Playbooks: How to use Gun Y Off Trips to dominate with the Raiders Offensive Playbook

If you're having trouble on offense in Madden 23 Ultimate Team or any of the game modes this year, you might just shift the tide with this scheme.

To the shock of few, the Raiders once again have one of the top Madden 23 Playbooks, and one of the top formations this year has been Gun Y Off Trips.

Madden 23 Playbooks
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GUN Y OFF TRIPS: This remains a top formation so far in Madden 23

While it's already got a great set of plays to choose from, there are a few ways to use hot routes and motion to even further maximize the effectiveness of these plays.

Most of these adjustments are built for tricking human opponents, but they can be just as deadly against the AI in Madden 23.

Credit for this mini-scheme utilizing Gun Y Off Trips goes to WinMadden, and you can find their video here outlining each of these plays.

Without further ado, let's take a look at three distinct passing plays you can utilize and a few rushing options to round things out.

TE Whip vs. Man Coverage

The first play you'll want to lean on is most effective against Man Coverage, but you'll have to make a few modifications to the TE Whip as it stands in the Raiders Playbook.

Once you've selected the play, you'll first use pre-play hot routes to adjust the receiver set for RB / R1.

To do this, press Y / Triangle to access hot routes, select that receiver (Renfrow in the image below), then flick the Left Stick up to trigger a Streak route for him.

Madden 23 Playbooks Raiders Offense Gun Y Off Trips
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TE WHIP: You'll snap the ball as the motioned receiver is about where Adams is here

After you've got that set, press B / Circle to change players until you have your B / Circle receiver selected (Adams in the image above), and press D-Pad Left to motion him towards the other side of the field.

Wait for that motioned receiver to get between your Left Tackle and farthest left receiver and then snap the ball at that moment, just a hair before his location seen in the image above.

This will open up multiple potential reads with the opportunity for major yards after catch if you nail things correctly, and it can confuse many opponents.

Y-Option Wheel vs. Zone Coverage

On the other side of the defensive world you'll want to also have an answer for Zone Coverage, and Y-Option Wheel is the go-to for the Raiders Offensive Playbook.

Like outlined above, you'll be using hot routes to adjust your receivers by setting the A / X receiver and the RB / R1 receiver to streak routes using the same process used for TE Whip.

Madden 23 Playbooks Hot Routes
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Y-OPTION WHEEL: Get your streaks in place to make this one extra powerful

Once you've set both hot routes, things should look like the image above and you'll have plenty of options depending on how the defense reacts.

Which receiver you'll lean on will depend on how much time you have to hold onto the ball, as the X / Square receiver can be most open after you let the play develop.

WR Screen vs. Meta Man Blitz

While the above plays will give you options against Zone and Man Coverage, players utilizing the meta in MUT 23 have leaned at times on a heavy Man Blitz.

Madden 23 Playbooks WR Screen
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WR SCREEN: Get meta on the meta with this simple shake-up

If you're struggling with the others, you can utilize the simple WR Screen seen above by chunking a quick pass to your B / Circle receiver on the right (Adams in this example).

Rushing Playbook Trio

You'll want to make sure to mix in some rushing attempts to keep things balanced, and there are three plays in Gun Y Off Trips that'll help with this.

Fortunately, they won't need any hot routes or audible pre-play adjustments and can be used as presented in the Raiders Playbook.

  • HB Mid Draw
  • HB Power
  • 5 6 Trap

One thing to keep in mind while executing these is that it's more helpful not to hold the Turbo button (RT / R2) right away.

As tempting as it can be to turbo out of the gate, it's better to wait for a blocker to get in front of you early in the play before then utilizing the speed boost.

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