Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Best Theme Teams to build in MUT 22

Madden 22 Ultimate Team gives players plenty of different ways to approach their team building, and many choose to work towards a MUT 22 Theme Team.

With some of the best cards in MUT 22 in mind, here we're taking a look at some of the best Theme Teams in Madden 22 today.

Latest - 49ers Theme Team joins the ranks among the best

With new cards constantly being added to Madden 22 Ultimate Team, it's no surprise that teams which weren't really on the radar earlier this year are now becoming great options.

Thanks to the arrival of players like Most Feared Kyle Juszczyk and solid additions across the board, there's a lot more to work with now in a 49ers Theme Team.

Madden 22 San Francisco 49ers Theme Team MUT
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LEVI'S STADIUM: Bring your dream team to the field in MUT 22

You can find more details here about how to get started crafting the ultimate 49ers Theme Team in MUT 22.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Best Theme Teams to build in MUT 22

If you're working towards a Theme Team in MUT 22, it's usually for one of two key reasons.

Either you've decided to build a team crafted around the past and present of your own favorite franchise or you're looking for the best Theme Team possible.

Madden 22 Best Theme Teams Ultimate MUT
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WAITING GAME: You might have to wait a while until the Jets Theme Team is up to par

If your favorite team doesn't quite have the pieces in place to build a great Theme Team yet but you still want to get some wins in MUT 22 until they do, you could also lean towards creating one of the best options.

Fortunately, most of the best Theme Teams in Madden 22 Ultimate Team right now are ones that are likely to continue dominating throughout the year and racking up more valuable cards.

Team Diamonds & Team Chemistry

One of the most important things to keep in mind when building a Theme Team, or really any lineup in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, is that Team Chemistry makes a huge impact.

Team Chemistry is one of the biggest reasons Theme Teams can have so much value as a unit, and the best way to bolster that is with Team Diamonds.

Madden 22 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team MUT 22
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CHEMISTRY: Talib is a must for more than one reason

Every single NFL team has their own unique Team Diamond player, and they provide a solidly rated lineup choice while heavily boosting Team Chemistry.

Whether you're building one of these teams or really any Theme Team in Madden 22, your first focus should be acquiring the Team Diamond.

1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Theme Team

As of now, the best Theme Team you can make in MUT 22 is the defending Super Bowl Champions, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers just keep getting better.

On top of some early Legends and TOTW options, they just added Record Breaker LTD Tom Brady, who instantly becomes the second best quarterback in MUT 22 behind Team Diamonds Master Dan Marino.

MUT 22 TOTW 4 Madden Ultimate Team Team of the Week
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THE GOAT: After another record-breaking week, this week Brady earns an LTD

They're well on their way to another Super Bowl, and that means we're likely to continue getting great Buccaneers cards as MUT 22 continues to evolve.

You can find more details here on the best cards to get in order to build your ultimate Buccaneers Theme Team in MUT 22.

2. Dallas Cowboys Theme Team

In another squad that's seeing recent drops work in their favor, right now a potential Cowboys Theme Team has Gridiron Ezekiel Elliot on top of new POTW Trevon Diggs.

Some of their own strong early Legends are much of why the Cowboys quickly take a top ranking in Best Theme Teams for MUT 22 right now, along with good options from Gridiron Guardians and Campus Heroes.

Madden 22 Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team MUT
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TO THE FORGE: It'll take some grinding, but Zeke is worth it

There hasn't been a great Dak Prescott card, but that actually isn't a bad thing because you can likely count on one coming soon as he continues to prove his worth as their franchise quarterback.

You can find more details here on the best cards to get in order to build your ultimate Cowboys Theme Team in MUT 22.

3. Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team

Rounding out our top three is the exciting Las Vegas Raiders, formerly of Oakland and Los Angeles, where their Legends played.

You'll find some great Legends options on Defense for the Raiders including Ted Hendricks and Mike Haynes, as well as on the other side of the ball with Jerry Rice.

Madden 22 Las Vegas Raiders Theme Team Ultimate MUT 22
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HALL OF FAMER: Guatemala's own Ted Hendricks racked up 4 Super Bowl rings in his career

The Raiders are also among the many teams likely to improve in the coming weeks in MUT 22, as there's still likely a lot to come with both past and present Raiders.

You can find more details here on the best cards to get in order to build your ultimate Raiders Theme Team in MUT 22.

Madden 22: All Theme Team Guides in MUT 22

As new cards get added to MUT 22, you'll find that more theme teams have become viable options and we're looking into some of the key pieces you'll need for each.

Here, we'll keep an easy list of all the Theme Teams that have been covered so far in MUT 22, even the ones we already mentioned above, so you can get your dream squad rolling:

Also be sure to check out the latest in MUT 22 Harvest, as we're sure to get more big cards with the Harvest 2 release adding new players.

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