Madden 22: Baltimore Ravens Theme Team in MUT 22

As Madden 22 goes deeper into Ultimate Team, Baltimore Ravens fans are starting to build their own Theme Teams in MUT 22.

With so many cards to choose from, it could be possibly overwhelming for players, especially new ones to come up with the best MUT 22 Ravens Theme Team lineup.

With that in mind, here's everything you'll need to represent Baltimore to the fullest in MUT 22.

Madden 22: Baltimore Ravens Theme Team

There is a lot of work that goes into building a great Madden 22 Ultimate Theme Team. However, for fans of a particular team, the effort is worth it.

For the Ravens fans, we've got a special guide for you to get the best Ravens players onto your MUT 22 roster. Not only will these players satisfy your desire to see your favorite players, but they'll also give you the best chance to win.

Remember, cards are constantly updating, but the ones we'll mention here are a great base to get you started.

Best Ravens MUT 22 Cards

We all know that the Baltimore Ravens are known for having one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now in Lamar Jackson. However, there are a lot more players than just Jackson to add.

Keeping that in mind, we've got the best offensive players and defensive players you'll want to add to your MUT 22 Theme Team.

Defense: Marcus Peters, Haloti Ngata, Ed Reed

Ready to get started with your Baltimore Ravens defense in MUT 22? We've got you covered.

Each of these players will impact all three levels of the defense. CB Marcus Peters is at a 92 OVR, and is one of the best cornerbacks in the entire MUT 22 database.

Ed Reed in Madden 22
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90 OVR: Make Ed Reed the captain of your MUT 22 Ravens Theme Team

Pairing 92 OVR CB Marcus Peters with 90 OVR SS Ed Reed and 90 OVR DT Haloti Ngata will give your defense the best chance at stuffing the run and protecting the secondary.

The LTD Marcus Peters will zone cover anyone you put him against and can switch to Man to Man coverage just as well in a pinch. The Legends Ed Reed also gives you incredible Zone Coverage and Acceleration.

Team Diamond: Haloti Ngata

Sure, he's a 90 OVR, but the Team Diamond DT Haloti Ngata is the perfect addition to your Madden Ultimate Team to be a run-stuffer. He's also the only Team Diamond so far for the Ravens.

In addition to being an incredible run-stuffer, the Team Diamonds provide a Team Chemistry boost which is something you'll definitely need to have a successful MUT 22 Theme Team.

OFFENSE: Sammy Watkins, Lamar Jackson, Kevin Zeitler

Unfortunately, the Ravens have yet to have an offensive player card hit the MUT 22 database with over a 90 OVR rating. This could be because they are waiting to drop more cards in the future, or they just haven't thought of a player that deserves it.

Madden 22 Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens
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NUMBER 8: Get your Theme Team set at QB with Lamar Jackson

Still, the Vets 88 OVR Sammy Watkins card will give you a strong wide receiver for the TOTW 2 87 OVR Lamar Jackson to throw to. Finally, you'll want a RG to protect Jackson when he scrambles.

This is where Kevin Zeitler comes in handy, the MUT 22 Ultimate Kickoff Hero will provide the protection you'll need to focus downfield.

Honorable Mention: K Justin Tucker

If you're able to, you should definitely find the 92 OVR TOTW 3 Kicker Justin Tucker at the Auction House. He's probably going to cost a pretty penny but will be worth it in close games.

He actually leads all the fellow Ravens on this list in terms of overall rating and is the highest-rated Baltimore Ravens player to date. He's definitely an addition you should have on your MUT 22 Theme Team.

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