Madden 22: Ultimate Denver Broncos Theme Team in MUT 22

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Madden 22 Ultimate Team this year still finds players pursuing these fan-favorite squads, and for some Mile High diehards that means crafting the perfect Denver Broncos Theme Team.

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With MUT 22 packed to the brim with different options, we've picked out some of your best options when creating the ultimate Broncos Theme Team in Madden 22.


Madden 22: Denver Broncos Theme Team

One of the most important things to remember when starting your Theme Team in Madden 22 is that you likely aren't going to finish it up quickly.

Unless you want to drop some real-world cash on in-game currency to speed up the process, you'll be working on your potential Broncos Theme Team for some time and continuing to improve it as new cards are released.

Madden 22 Ultimate Denver Broncos Theme Team
MILE HIGH: Make a Theme Team worthy of the stadium

There's never a bad place or time to get started, and with MUT 22 now several weeks in we're getting more and more depth across various positions and teams.

If you're looking to put together a Broncos Theme Team in Madden 22, we've got all the cards you need to keep your eyes on as things get rolling.

Best Broncos MUT 22 Cards

We've seen some impressive performances by the Broncos this year already, but a potential Broncos Theme Team is also going to be channeling the greats of their past.


Here, we'll first outline some of the top cards you need on each side of the ball and the Team Diamond that will bring them together.

DEFENSE: Von Miller, Deltha O'Neal, Kareem Jackson

While there are some solid offensive options, the real thing that can make a Broncos Theme Team shine right now is some of the defensive powerhouses they have available.

Madden 22 Ultimate Denver Broncos Theme Team
REDUX: This re-released version of his LTD may be more affordable

Superstars Von Miller (LOLB - 89 OVR) and TOTW Deltha O'Neal (CB - 92 OVR) can be an absolute anchor on your defense, as can the identical LTD or Redux versions of Kareem Jackson.

TEAM DIAMOND: Gary Zimmerman

Any time you're building a Theme Team, it's going to be important to snag their Team Diamond, as it will be a powerful player that also offers a fantastic Team Chemistry boost.


If you're building a Broncos Theme Team, that means snagging Hall of Fame left tackle Gary Zimmerman and his 90 OVR Team Diamonds card to anchor your offensive line.

OFFENSE: Willis McGahee, Melvin Gordon III, Teddy Bridgewater

One of the best choices for a Broncos Theme Team just arrived as Willis McGahee got the nod in TOTW 9, but there's another great (cheaper) halfback option if you wanna go with the Team Builders Melvin Gordon III instead.

Madden 22 Ultimate Denver Broncos Theme Team
RECOGNIZE: McGahee could be exactly the Power Back you need

Your quarterback options are a bit limited, but by far the best would be Most Feared Teddy Bridgewater, and his solid 85 OVR card is fairly affordable with just 15.4k as the card's average cost.

Other Ultimate Team Options

As you're putting things together, remember that building a Theme Team takes time in MUT 22, and you can always use players from other teams or weaker Broncos options until you can afford to replace theme.


While you'll find a few fantastic options at the top which are pretty far from budget picks, there's a pretty wide variety of Broncos cards with overalls in the low to mid 80s range that are very manageable.

Madden 22 Ultimate Denver Broncos Theme Team
TEAM BUILDERS: Sutton's card could be a great pickup for this Theme Team

You can get three very solid wideout options with Team Builders Courtland Sutton, Most Feared Tim Patrick, and Legends Brandon Marshall.

While Sutton, lending to his Team Builders value, is averaging at 27.9k in cost right now, both Marshall and Patrick are right around 8k and much more affordable for most players.