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Madden 22 Ultimate Team: All MUT 22 Team Diamonds revealed

Madden 22 Ultimate Team has another program of fantastic cards on the way, the MUT 22 Team Diamonds!

This program offers one massive 90 OVR card for each NFL team - all with a 3 Team Chemistry boost for players from their teams. That's 32 powerful items coming to MUT at once, and you can expect to see plenty of these cards in action playing online - especially in MUT 22 Theme Teams!

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Here's everything you need to know about the return of Team Diamonds in MUT 22.

MUT 22 Release Date

The MUT 22 Team Diamonds cards are officially LIVE in Madden 22 already, which means you can start working towards them and seeking out cards in Packs.


We did see more than one Team Diamonds release in Madden 21, so there's always a chance we'll get another set of Team Diamonds later.

MUT 22 has already been delivering some extra powerful cards, and these Team Diamonds are no exception.

All Madden 22 Team Diamonds

These are the many items coming to Madden 22 Ultimate Team with the first set of Team Diamonds!

  • Aqib Talib, 90 OVR - CB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Chris Long, 90 OVR - LE, Los Angeles Rams
  • Marques Colston, 90 OVR - WR, New Orleans Saints
  • Bernard Pollard, 90 OVR - SS, Houston Texans
  • Haloti Ngata, 90 OVR - DT, Baltimore Ravens
  • Josh Cribbs, 90 OVR - WR, Cleveland Browns
  • Derrick Johnson, 90 OVR - MLB, Kansas City Chiefs
  • Brian Orakpo, 90 OVR - ROLB, Washington Football Team
  • Tommie Harris, 90 OVR - DT, Chicago Bears
  • Gary Brackett, 90 OVR - MLB, Indianapolis Colts
  • TJ Houshmandzadeh, 90 OVR - WR, Cincinnati Bengals
  • Charlie Joiner, 90 OVR - WR, Los Angeles Chargers
  • Thurman Thomas, 90 OVR - HB, Buffalo Bills
  • Phil Simms, 90 OVR - QB, New York Giants
  • Gary Zimmerman, 90 OVR - LT, Denver Broncos
  • Billy Joe DuPree, 90 OVR - TE, Dallas Cowboys
  • Andre Rison, 90 OVR - WR, Atlanta Falcons
  • Ahmad Rashad, 90 OVR - WR, Atlanta Falcons
  • Brian Bosworth, 90 OVR - MLB, Seattle Seahawks
  • Jack Tatum, 90 OVR - SS, Las Vegas Raiders
  • Larry Wilson, 90 OVR - FS, Arizona Cardinals
  • Charles Haley, 90 OVR - LOLB, San Francisco 49ers
  • Frank Wycheck, 90 OVR - TE, Tennessee Titans
  • Alan Faneca, 90 OVR - LG, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Ricky Williams, 90 OVR - HB, Miami Dolphins
  • Kevin Faulk, 90 OVR - HB, New England Patriots
  • Mike Rucker, 90 OVR - RE, Carolina Panthers
  • Ahman Green, 90 OVR - HB, Green Bay Packers
  • Aaron Glenn, 90 OVR - CB, New York Jets
  • Tony Brackens, 90 OVR - LE, Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Lomas Brown, 90 OVR - LT, Detroit Lions
  • Duce Staley, 90 OVR - HB, Philadelphia Eagles

You'll be able to use the Team Diamonds card from your favorite team to put together a powerful Theme Team, but there's one card that everyone can enjoy.

Team Diamonds Master: Dan Marino

On top of the individual Team Diamonds cards revealed for each team, the MUT 22 Team Diamonds Master is officially the legendary Dan Marino.

While regular Team Diamonds cards in Madden 22 tend to have team chemistry specific to their team, it looks like this epic 95 OVR Dan Marino will have every team chemistry and be huge for any lineup.

MUT 22 Team Diamonds Madden 22 Ultimate Team
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DAN THE MASTER: There's no denying how good this MUT card looks

On top of getting Hot Route Master, Marino has some great stats with top ratings like his 93 in Throw Power, 92 in Throw Accuracy Short, 94 in Throw Accuracy Medium, and 95 in Throw Accuracy Deep.

On top of that, Marino has a 95 in Throw Under Pressure and a 95 in Play Action, so he's going to be an instant game-changer in MUT 22.