Madden 22: Ultimate Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Team in MUT 22

If you really want to be competitive in Madden 22 Ultimate Team, you'll need to start taking advantage of using Theme Teams.

These squads provide a Team Chemistry boost in MUT 22 and can be exactly what you need to take your game to the next level. One of the most popular ones is the Steelers Theme Team.

Here's how you can get started building your own MUT 22 Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Team in Madden 22.

Madden 22: Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Team

Theme Teams take a while to build because you essentially need all of the right cards in order to do it. This takes time as more cards are released, but the payoff is worth it because of the Team Chemistry.

With new cards being added to MUT 22 every week, including the Most Feared set, you'll want to make sure you get the best cards available.

Pittsburgh Stadium Steelers Theme Team Madden 22
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STEEL CURTAIN: Use this guide to build one of the best Madden Theme Teams

There are a couple of routes you can go with here, build a team of the best players available. Or build a squad of your favorite Steelers players. Either way, you'll see a boost to your MUT 22 team.

Let's get started with some of the best Steelers Theme Team offensive cards.

Best Steelers MUT 22 Cards (Offense)

You'll want to start out with some solid offensive players that can move the ball downfield efficiently. If you need help choosing a playbook, check out our conversation with Skimbo (3X MCS Champion) here.

There are a couple of great options for your Steelers Theme Team in Madden 22 on offense, including a wide receiver that has been lighting up MUT 22 competitions.

Chase Claypool Steelers Theme Team Madden 22
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STEELERS OFFENSE: Add Chase Claypool to your Steelers Theme Team ASAP

Here are some offensive players you should have on your Madden 22 Steelers Theme Team.

Maurkice Pouncey - C (94 OVR) - Legends Set

Maurkice Pouncey is the highest-overall Pittsburgh Steeler in all of MUT 22 right now. He's got incredible strength (93), and he does great in pass blocking situations and run blocking.

If you're starting a Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Team, he's the first person you should be going after. Careful though, he's going for a whopping 502K at the Auction House.

Chase Claypool - WR (90 OVR) - Rising Stars Set

Chase Claypool is a popular wide receiver among competitive MUT 22 players and is well known in the NFL as well. He's the perfect option as a primary receiver for your Steelers Theme Team.

With a 91 OVR speed and 92 JMP rating, Claypool is an ideal target for downfield passes. In the red zone, he's great to use for man-to-man coverage fades as well.

Michael Vick - QB (86 OVR) - Legends Set

The Legends set Michael Vick card might have a low overall compared to some of the others, but by having this you can complete his set and earn the 92 OVR Boss Legend.

Clearly, Michael Vick is going to work best on teams that focus on booting out of the pocket and extending plays. He'll also work great as a strict runner that you bring in for QB run plays.

Best Steelers MUT 22 Cards (Defense)

You cant have a great Steelers Theme Team without having a strong defense. Madden Ultimate Team requires players to play the best defense to avoid being blown out.

To help you out we've got three players that you'll need to have on the defensive side of the ball to ensure your MUT 22 team's success.

Steelers Theme Team in Madden 22 MUT
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HUDDLE UP: You'll need a great defense to pair with this offense

Here are the defensive players you should have on your Madden 22 Steelers Theme Team.

Cameron Heyward - RE (93 OVR) - Team of the Week set

Cameron Heyward is a menace to opposing offenses. He rattles the running game and can easily break through for sacks in Madden Ultimate Team.

He's the highest-rated defensive player for the Steelers and is a must-have on defense for the Steelers Theme Team. We only wish his finesse-move rating was slightly higher.

Joey Porter - ROLB (91 OVR) - Team of the Week set

Another MUT 22 Team of the Week member, Joey Porter has an incredible amount of talent at the ROLB position. He can work well in coverage, but he's best as a blitzer.

Using him more as a RE than a coverage linebacker is probably going to be your best bet. If you work out of a nickel formation in your defensive playbook, Porter is for you.

Joe Haden - CB (88 OVR) - VETS set

Although he's only 88 OVR, Joe Haden can be powered up which will definitely help you in coverage. He excels in man-coverage (88 OVR) but isn't a terrible zone-coverage corner either.

Of course, Haden won't be a long-term player at this position, but for the time being, he's the best cornerback available for a Steelers Theme Team in Madden 22.

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