MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians: All Heroes, Champions revealed so far

The MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians have arrived in Madden 22 Ultimate Team - a new program of Champions and Heroes with some massive, powerful cards up to 92 OVR.

Here's everything you need to know about the MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians.

MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians Release Date

MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians cards are officially LIVE in Madden 22, which means you can start collecting packs and working toward them all today!

All of these cards are incredible and worth a spot in the lineup, even if it's just for Theme Teams. Keep a close eye on the Champions though, as Madden 22 will likely add more through the week.

We're still expecting two more Champions to be added to this list by the end of Thursday, September 30th - and you can check here for all the latest cards as they're revealed.

MUT 22 Gridiron Guardian Champions

Thus far, we've only got two Gridiron Guardian Champions, but that will change over the course of the program. Currently, the two Champions are Christian McCaffrey and Fred Warner.

Both of these players come in with the highest overall available, but their individual stats and how they'll fit on your team will really make the difference.

Christian McCaffrey - 92 OVR (RB) - Carolina Panthers

McCaffrey has been known as one of the best receiving backs in the NFL since he entered the league, and Madden 22 is no different.

Christian McCaffrey in Madden 22
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RECEIVING BACK: Head to Gridiron Guardians and grind it out for 92 OVR Christian McCaffrey

If you're a player that wants to have a half back that can turn upfield quickly, make catches in the flats, and bust out during screens, you'll need the MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians Christian McCaffrey Champion card.

Looking for players to block for Christian McCaffrey and clear some run gaps? Check out the MUT 22 Heavyweights here.

Fred Warner - 92 OVR (MLB) - San Francisco 49ers

Fred Warner is a Field General MLB, and it's rightfully deserved. He's got the tackling and zone coverage to make huge plays on your Madden Ultimate Team defense.

Fred Warner's Gridiron Guardian card in Madden 22
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PURSUIT: Fred Warner takes control of the defense in Madden 22

Warner also received a boost to his speed and acceleration, which makes him the perfect MLB to chase down opposing quarterbacks. He'll also fit perfectly in a San Francisco 49ers Theme Team.

Want some limited edition legends to go alongside Fred Warner? Follow this link to see your options!

MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians Heroes

Aside from the 2 (4 in the future) Champions, there are 8 Heroes to go along with the rest of the Madden Ultimate Team Gridiron Guardians.

There's a wide range of positions, but each of these players sits at a 90 OVR rating, which is great for challenge grinders. If you do it correctly, you could fill your team with a whopping 8 players at 90 OVR!

Alvin Kamara in Madden 22
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BREAK TACKLES: Alvin Kamara could lead your backfield in Madden Ultimate Team

Here are all the 90 OVR MUT 22 Gridiron Guardians Heroes:

  • Alvin Kamara - HB - New Orleans Saints
  • Amari Cooper - WR - Dallas Cowboys
  • DeForest Buckner - DT - Indianapolis Colts
  • Jamal Adams - SS - Seattle Seahawks
  • Mike Evans - WR - Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • Mike Gesicki - TE - Miami Dolphins
  • Stephon Gilmore - CB - New England Patriots
  • Tre'Davious White - CB - Buffalo Bills
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