Madden 22: Ultimate Green Bay Packers Theme Team in MUT 22

If you're ready to jump into Madden 22 and start building your MUT 22 squad, something you'll probably want to do is build a Madden Theme Team.

These teams feature a specific team and have the best players applied to them for Team Chemistry and more. Today, we're going to go over what you'll need to build a Green Bay Packers Theme Team.

Let's get started on building your own Green Bay Packers Theme Team.

Madden 22 Green Bay Packers Theme Team

Whether you're a die-hard Green Bay Packers fan or you're looking to build the best MUT 22 Theme Team. This guide will help you put together the best squad possible.

The Green Bay Packers Theme Team is making its way around MUT 22 competition with plenty of players using the best cards the popular NFC North team.

Green Bay Packers Theme Team Stadium in Madden 22
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LAMBEAU: Take over Madden Ultimate Team with the Green Bay Packers

To get you started, we've got a few offensive players that you'll definitely want to have on your Theme Team in Madden Ultimate Team.

Best Packers MUT 22 Cards (Offense)

The offense is one of the most vital parts of Madden Ultimate Team and you'll need the right cards to have the best Green Bay Packers Theme Team offense.

This includes a great quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. All of them are currently playing on the Packers this season. If you need help choosing a playbook for this offense, check out our Best Playbooks Guide here.

Green Bay Packers Theme Team Madden 22
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CAPTAIN: A great QB is vital to your Ultimate Team success

Let's get started with the QB that should be in command of your Packers Theme Team. For our Pittsburgh Steelers Theme Team, follow this link!

Aaron Rodgers - QB (92 OVR) - Gridiron Guardians set

Aaron Rodgers is a guaranteed player that you'll want on your Packers Theme Team. He has incredible throwing power and the accuracy to go along with it.

He's also a very mobile quarterback so rolling out of the pocket won't be any trouble for you. He's a popular quarterback in MUT 22 and is definitely a player you'll need.

Aaron Jones - RB (92 OVR) - Team of the Week set

As one of the Team of the Week players, Aaron Jones established himself as an incredible running back to use in Madden Ultimate Team. He's a great runner with a big upside in the receiving game.

If you run a lot of different looks on offense, or send your running back out of the backfield, Aaron Jones is the best running back you can get.

Davante Adams - WR (88 OVR) - Core Elite set

Last but certainly not least is a wide receiver that is responsible for plenty of the Packers success through the season. Davante Adams doesn't have a great card yet, but he will.

In the meantime, you can use his Core Elite card in MUT 22 and put him in the slot. His route-running is incredible and you can't beat his catch rating (88) either.

Best Packers MUT 22 Cards (Defense)

You can't forget about having a shutdown defense in MUT 22. The last thing you'll want is to get an early lead and surrender it because your defense can't perform.

The great news is this Packers Theme Team features two incredible defensive backs that will stop opposing wide receivers in their tracks.

Packers Theme Team in Madden 22
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LOCKDOWN: Add these players to your Packers Theme Team and be lights out

Here are the defensive players that you'll need to have on your Packers Theme Team.

Kenny Clark - DT (94 OVR) - Limited Edition set

Kenny Clark is an incredible player to have at the defensive tackle position and the highest-rated Green Bay Packers player in MUT 22.

His 94 STR rating will dominate the interior lines making it nearly impossible for your opponent to run the ball regardless of the playbook they're running. He could use a little more speed though.

Charles Woodson - CB (93 OVR) - Legends set

Charles Woodson is the only defensive player to ever win the Heisman Trophy. His college career extended into the NFL and his Madden Ultimate Team Legends card displays it.

He has a 92 in Man Coverage and a 93 in Zone Coverage, making him the perfect cornerback for any defensive package and playbook. Be sure to have him on your Packers Theme Team.

Jaire Alexander - CB (93 OVR) - Most Feared set

On the opposite side of Charles Woodson should be Jaire Alexander. With this setup, your MUT 22 opponent will have a tough time rushing and passing, regardless of where they target.

Jaire Alexander excels at Man Coverage, but his Zone Coverage rating is still a 90 which isn't bad considering other defensive backs. Check out the other Most Feared cards here.

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