Madden 22: Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team in MUT 22

Madden 22 Ultimate Team is once again bring the best of the past and present together, and there's no doubt some fans wanna build the ideal Dallas Cowboys Theme Team.

If you're not sure where to start in MUT 22, we've picked out some of the cards you need to watch for in order to craft the ultimate Cowboys Theme Team in Madden 22.

Madden 22: Dallas Cowboys Theme Team

While it won't be a quick process to make a Theme Team in Madden 22, it's a long-term goal that many fans can't resist.

You might just be aiming for an ideal squad in Madden 22 and want to use the Team Chemistry to bolster them, or it might be all about your favorite franchise, but Theme Teams are a huge part of MUT 22.

Madden 22 Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team MUT
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HOW BOUT 'EM: It's no surprise you're looking to America's Team

Building a Cowboys Theme Team will be a long-term goal, as each new card that gets released could change what is ideal for you and your scheme, but this is where you need to start.

Best Cowboys MUT 22 Cards

With a flurry of big cards being released in a few of the main promos done for MUT 22 already, it's no surprise that the Dallas Cowboys Theme Team is one of the best in the game right now.

We'll outline some of the players you need to target on each side of the ball, and the coveted Team Diamond which is a must-have for any Theme Team.

DEFENSE: Roy Williams, Mel Renfro, DeMarcus Ware

On defense, you wanna start by locking things down with FS Roy Williams. While there are a handful of versions to choose from, the best bet is his Legends LTD card which is the strongest Cowboys card in MUT 22 at a 92 OVR rating.

Madden 22 Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team MUT
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FIRST ROUNDER: Roy Williams was the 8th overall pick back in 2002

Campus Heroes Mel Renfro is the best CB you can grab, and Legends DeMarcus Ware will be a major asset at ROLB, making these key pieces of a potential defense for your Cowboys Theme Team.

TEAM DIAMOND: Billy Joe DuPree

Every good Theme Team needs their MUT 22 Team Diamond, not just because of their own abilities but because they significantly boost Team Chemistry.

Madden 22 Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team MUT
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OLD SCHOOL: Go for the classics with this 1977 Super Bowl Champion

Fortunately, Billy Joe DuPree is also a fantastic card as a 90 OVR rated TE, and his Catching and Route Running will bolster any scheme.

OFFENSE: Roy Williams, La'el Collins, Ezekiel Elliott, Amari Cooper, Leonard Davis

It's hard to keep things contained to just three must-haves on offense, and that's both because of the weapons that are available and the nature of offensive linemen.

LTD La'el Collins and Legends LTD Leonard Davis might not be the sexiest pick ups, but having those two elite options on your offensive line is gonna make a world of difference.

Madden 22 Ultimate Dallas Cowboys Theme Team MUT
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TO THE FORGE: It'll take some grinding, but Zeke is worth it

Gridiron Ezekiel Elliott is going to take some hard work in the Gridiron Forge, but it's going to be worth it when you unlock his 90 OVR card and slot him in at running back.

Finally, look at adding Campus Heroes Roy Williams (not the same one mentioned above) and Gridiron Guardians Amari Cooper, both of whom are great options at wide receiver.

Other Ultimate Team Options

As you're filling out the rest of the team you'll likely have to go with what's available, what you can afford, and what's already in your collection.

Don't ever fret too much over that, it's just part of the process, and your Theme Team will constantly be getting better.

You'll definitely want to pick up the Core Elite Dak Prescott, which isn't a crazy card but is your only good option at QB for a Dallas Cowboys Theme Team.

Past that, see what works for your scheme, fill in the gaps, and just keep working at it until you've got the Cowboys squad of your dreams to dominate in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

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