Madden 22: Ultimate San Francisco 49ers Theme Team in MUT 22

Madden 22 Ultimate Team continues to challenge players to build squads of past and present legends, and for those Faithful to the Bay that means creating the ultimate San Francisco 49ers Theme Team.

With new cards always arriving in MUT 22, we're looking at some of the best options you should look at as you start crafting the perfect 49ers Theme Team in Madden 22.

Madden 22: San Francisco 49ers Theme Team

As exciting as it can be to start on a Theme Team in Madden 22, it's crucial to go in with the realization that this tends to be a lengthy process.

Unless you've been grinding heavily since launch or want to drop some real-world cash on in-game currency to speed things up, it'll take time to gather your ideal 49ers Theme Team.

Madden 22 San Francisco 49ers Theme Team MUT
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LEVI'S STADIUM: Bring your dream team to the field in MUT 22

It's never too late or too early to get started, as you'll likely continue adjusting your 49ers Theme Team as more cards are released in MUT 22 down the line.

However, we've got our eyes on a few specific cards that will help your 49ers Theme Team kick things off in Madden 22.

Best 49ers MUT 22 Cards

While a few players have already been solid this year and earned new cards, much of your 49ers Theme Team could be pulling from the past.

Here, we'll take a look at some of the top cards you want to snag on each side of the ball and the Team Diamond that can be a big boost for your squad in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

DEFENSE: Ronnie Lott, Fred Warner, Jason Verrett

With a history of legendary defenders, you can first look to Legends Ronnie Lott (FS) for your 49ers Theme Team before turning to a few modern names.

Madden 22 San Francisco 49ers Theme Team MUT
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THE LEGEND: Ronnie Lott is gonna be a beast on your defense

Gridiron Guardians Fred Warner (MLB) and Team Builders Jason Verrett (CB) might not be the strongest cards in MUT 22, but they've got key intangibles and can anchor your 49ers Theme Team defense.

TEAM DIAMOND: Charles Haley

Team Diamonds are always a must for each Theme Team, as they bring boosts to Team Chemistry for their particular squads, including this Team Diamond Charles Haley.

On top of being a fantastic option at LOLB, Haley is relatively affordable at roughly 136k, and the Team Chemistry boost is too good to pass up.

OFFENSE: Kyle Juszczyk, Vernon Davis, Jerry Rice

On offense, we start with "Juice Check" Kyle Juszczyk and his Most Feared card that was a hit as most 49ers fans adore the reliable fullback.

Madden 22 San Francisco 49ers Theme Team MUT
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JUICE CHECK: Get Juszczyk to back up your Ultimate Team

After that, look to the past to snag Legends Jerry Rice (WR) and TOTW Vernon Davis (TE) to solidify two devastating weapons for your offense.

Other Ultimate Team Options

As you look to fill out your 49ers Theme Team, you'll obviously need a good option at quarterback, and the best bet right now is Ultimate Kickoff Trey Lance.

While at 85 OVR he's pretty far from the best quarterback in MUT 22 right now, he's got solid Throw Power and Accuracy, and at roughly 15.4k he's very affordable.

You can also toss 1.8k at Core Gold Jimmy Garoppolo as an interim option if needed, and the rest of your task will be filling out the depth chart with more 49ers options.

Again, it's key to remember that building a 49ers Theme Team is a process, but with time and effort you can definitely hit MUT 22 with a squad that's Faithful to the Bay.

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