Madden 21 Ratings: New England Patriots prediction – Gilmore, McCourty, Hightower & more

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Madden 21 has been confirmed with a release date of 25 August. And that means Madden 21 ratings are going to be out soon.

Now with the release date official and confirmed new features, it looks like EA is looking to make strides with the latest release of its iconic NFL franchise.Table of Contents

EA Play is in the rearview mirror and has left Madden 21 fans wanting more.

EA held a developer stream with great insight into new gameplay, also the trailer gave us a look at some new features and confirmed a lot of details.

Team Rating (85 OVR)

The Patriots were the 4th best team at the start of Madden 20 with an 87 OVR rating. This was with an 84 defense and a 91 offense. The reality of the season was that these numbers were probably the wrong way around. With the loss of Brady, in Madden 21 we expect their rating to take a hit on that side of the ball;

  • Offense - 83 OVR
  • Defense - 86 OVR

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Stephon Gilmore (CB, 98 OVR)

Stephon Gilmore has been a great player in the league since he was drafted 10th overall in 2012. But in the last two seasons, he's become an elite player.

gilmore madden 20
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LOCKED DOWN: AP Defensive Player of the Year 2019

Very close to being a member of the 99-club, Gilmore comes off a 2019 which saw him win Defensive Player of the Year. He led the league with 20 pass deflections and 6 interceptions and was a dominant player on a dominant defense.

Devin McCourty (FS, 92 OVR)

Its no surprise to see another defensive player, and this time it's a career Patriot who has had some excellent times in his 10 years in the league.

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A 3x Super Bowl Champion, McCourty plays in a Patriot secondary with his brother and is a tackling machine. Solid at all the fundamentals without the superstar elements, he sums up the 'Patriot way'.

Dont'a Hightower (MLB, 88 OVR)

Another 3x Super Bowl Champion and Patriot lifer, Hightower has been there through the dynasty good times.

donta hightower madden 17
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PATRIOTS LEGEND: Hightower has been the QB of this defense for years

The leader of this excellent defense, Hightower does it all. Tackling all over the field, he chips in with sacks and pass deflections too.

Julian Edelman (WR, 85 OVR)

Another Patriots lifer who embodies the teams spirit. Despite having a slow start and patchy stats, Edelman has endeared himself to the Patriots faithful by making huge plays when it matters.

julian edelman madden 20
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THE MAN: With Brady gone, eyes will be on how Edelman responds

Add to this a Super Bowl MVP award in 2018 and you have yourself a Patriots legend. It will be interesting to see how he does without a QB of Tom Brady's calibre throwing his way.

Shaq Mason (RG, 86 OVR)

At 310lbs, Mason is a monster on the Patriots offensive line.

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He is a big reason that Brady has been able to keep playing into his 40s, protecting his right side and clearing lanes for rushers. At only 26-years-old, the Patriots will want to keep Mason for many more years yet.

Kyle Dugger (SS, 67 OVR)

A rare draft choice of a NCAA Div II player in the 2nd round, the Patriots took a player than had some fans asking who he is and other fans pretending they knew.

Late to playing football, Dugger has impressed with his athleticism and has the perfect speed and size for the position. The Patriots will hope they have got their guy with the right intangibles to take over from the older secondary members further up this list.

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