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Madden 21 is now available!

Players can still enjoy some of the bonus content in editions of the game.

Here's all you need to know about buying Madden 21, and the rewards you can earn.

Latest News - Full review now live

Unsure if Madden 21 is for you? You can check out our review to get the low-down on EA's new NFL game.

Buy Madden 21

The game is now available for all!

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Which edition should you go for?

Standard Edition

Buying the Standard Edition is the simplest way to get the game. And the cheapest.

Madden 21 pre order bonus
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The pre-order bonuses are now gone, but at £54.99/$59.99 it is the cheapest way to get the game.

Deluxe Edition

With the Deluxe Edition you get the same as above, and something even better.

Madden 21 deluxe edition pre order
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You also get 12 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs rather than five. So if you're a MUT player this is a good choice. However, there is an even better one.

MVP Edition

This is where the real benefits are.

madden 21 mvp edition pre order bonus
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Along with the packs of the Deluxe Edition, the MVP Edition gives you an even bigger head start in Ultimate Team.

You get a Lamar Jackson Elite item with a Power Up, a Large Quicksell Training Pack (1,150), 17 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs, and the MCS Ultimate Champion Pack - this is largely cosmetic with extra uniforms.

Madden 21 Dual Entitlement

EA's latest NFL sim will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

EA will also be offering Dual Entitlement, an amazing feature that will allow players to get a free next-gen upgrade after purchasing the game on current-gen consoles.

This is restricted to consoles of the same family, so PS4 copies can only upgrade to PS5, and Xbox One can only upgrade to Xbox Series X.

Even with this limitation, this feature is far beyond the rest of the gaming world so far, and we can only hope more companies adapt it to navigate the release date gap with next-gen console release.

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Madden 21 cost

You can expect to pay £55/$60 for the Standard Edition of Madden 21.

Lamar Jackson celebrating in Madden
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COVER STAR: Lamar Jackson won MVP honors and now has the Madden cover

The Deluxe Edition is listed at £70/$75, while the MVP Edition is going to hit the £80/$85 mark.

Madden 21 on PC

You can get Madden 21 on PC too.

It will be available on Steam, EA Origins, and Epic Games Store.

Madden 21 Gameplay

We've gotten plenty of insight into Madden 21 gameplay features.

This list includes a full ratings reveal, breakdown of X-Factor Abilities, and plenty more.

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