Madden 21 Pre-Order NOW: Bonus content revealed – Price, cost, early access, PS4, Xbox One, PC, next-gen, release date, news, rumors, EA Play & more

EA has plenty of extras in the shape of Ultimate Team packs and early access if you order early!

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Madden 21 is just two months away!

The best way to secure your copy of Madden 21 on launch is to pre-order, and EA has a lot of bonuses for you if you do!


Pre-order Madden 21

The game has finally been given a proper launch and pre-orders are now available!

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There are plenty of reasons for players to pre-order too. But which edition should you go for?

Standard Edition pre-order bonuses

Pre-ordering the Standard Edition will get you a few extras.

Madden 21 pre order bonus

As you’d expect, they are all focused around Ultimate Team. There is a ‘Your Choice’ Uniform Pack that will let you pick one of three Superstar KO uniforms.

Then you get an Elite Player choice pack that will feature players like Khalil Mack, Von Miller, and others. You also get five MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs.

Deluxe Edition pre-order bonuses

With the Deluxe Edition you get the same as above, and something even better.

Madden 21 deluxe edition pre order

Three days early access! That means you can start playing from 25 August. You also get 12 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs rather than five.


MVP Edition pre-order bonuses

This is where the real benefits are.

madden 21 mvp edition pre order bonus

Along with the packs and early access of the Deluxe Edition, the MVP Edition gives you an even bigger head start in Ultimate Team.

You get a Lamar Jackson Elite item with a Power Up, a Large Quicksell Training Pack (1,150), 17 MUT Gold Team Fantasy Packs, and the MCS Ultimate Champion Pack – this is largely cosmetic with extra uniforms.

Madden 21 cost

You can expect to pay £55/$60 for the Standard Edition of Madden 21.

Lamar Jackson celebrating in Madden
COVER STAR: Lamar Jackson won MVP honors and now has the Madden cover

The Deluxe Edition is listed at £70/$75, while the MVP Edition is going to hit the £80/$85 mark.

Madden 21 consoles

EA’s latest NFL sim will launch on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Thanks to the Inside Xbox stream we know that Madden 21 has been optimized for the Xbox Series X and will have Smart Delivery, meaning anyone who buys a copy on Xbox One can upgrade to the Series X for free.

We assume Sony will have something similar for the PS5, though they are being tight-lipped at the moment.

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Madden 21 on PC

You can get Madden 21 on PC too.

It will be available on Steam, EA Origins, and Epic Games Store.

Madden 21 Gameplay

The new NFL game was not present at EA Play last week.

However, there is a developer deep dive stream today that should have plenty of juicy details about gameplay within Madden 21.

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