Madden 21: Pass Rush Moves - Controls, Timing, Meter, Latest News & more

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Madden 21 introduced new mechanics to pass rushing, and it's one of the most popular new gameplay elements.

Here's how to master rushing the passer.

Latest News - Title Update 5 is Coming

Madden 21 Title Update 4 was quite a small patch, but Title Update 5 will include some big changes.

madden 21 update news
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ROADMAP: We've gotten some looks at what Madden 21 Title Update 5 will bring

You can catch the full Title Update 5 reveal on Good Morning Madden sometime next week, but thanks to a preview, we know it will include the kick meter, clock chewing, and the no lines on the field bug.

Pass Rush Meter

The first thing you will notice about the new system is a bar with the words "PASS MOVES" and small indicator with notches next to it.

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Each play you can use these notches to make pass rushing moves. But use them wisely, once they are used up you can't do any rush moves.

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FOCUS: A whole new system creates a lot of attention on rushing the passer

As each play goes by, you will recover another notch of ability.

Blocking Meter

It would be unfair if there wasn't a way to counter these moves. You will notice that the OL also has an indicator that shows their ability to defend the rush moves.

There are two sides to the meter which indicates which side they would be more vulnerable. The more notches colored in, the better they will be at blocking the rush moves.

madden 21 pass rush OL meter
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CHESS MATCH: There is a skill in timing your attacks on the OL

The OL builds these bars through learning through the game. So the more a rusher attacks the same side, the more the OL will gain strength in defending it.

This should make repetitive play a thing of the past and something many Madden fans should rejoice over.

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Over the course of the game, the OL will get better and better. Making the finishes even more tense.

Player Rotation & Repositioning

The system works on a player-by-player basis.

So rotating your defensive line will keep the OL on their toes. Taking out your pass rushers on obvious rushing plays could be crucial. So will strength in depth in the roster.

Another way around the OL system, is to move the players around the line to face new blockers.

You can swap ends, or move a 3-4 end to the A gap and keep the OL on edge.

Pass Rush Buttons & controls

With a new mechanism comes new button systems. Getting to grips with the controls is key!

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The pass rush moves are now housed on the right stick.

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NEW BUTTONS: Keep track of the fact you need to learn to use the right stick

Speed Rush - RT - Press this when you make contact and you will blow by the blocker. Finesse move players with have the best success rate.

Rip - RS Up - This pulls the blocker toward the defender whilst he slides past. This works best with players with high finesse move ratings.

Bull Rush - RS Down - Press it when you contact the lineman and you'll bump them back. This works best with players with high power move ratings.

Club/Swim - RS Left/Right - This pushing out the hands of the blocker and aggressively pushes them to the side. These work best with players rating high in power moves. Club happens more on contact, whereas swim is once contact has been engaged.

Look for the right matchup

Using the right move for the right player is absolutely crucial for success.

But also using them against the right player also plays a role.

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NEW MECHANISMS: Keep track of your stamina points for the rush moves

Know your team and which players are better suited to what type of move. Then scout your opposition for their weaknesses.

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Find yourself playing against an OL blocker with lower strength? Then use power moves. If he's slower? Use speed or finesse moves.

X-factor and Superstar abilities

These abilities can give a boost to the performance and outcomes on both sides of the ball.

X-factor Abilities

Blitz - When they enter the zone, all opposing blockers have their resistance bars wiped out (Aaron Donald)

Relentless- When they enter the zone, their pass rush moves are free (JJ Watt, Nick Bosa)

Superstar Abilities

Adrenaline Rush - Sacks restore all pass rush points (Von Miller)

B.O.G.O - Grants a free pass rush move after spending a point (Josh Allen)

Defensive Rally - Adds a pash rush point to all defensive linemen on 3rd and 4th down (Arik Armstead)

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El Toro - Dominant bull rush wins from max pass rush points (Aaron Donald, JJ Watt, Fletcher Cox, Myles Garratt, Chris Jones, Grady Jarrett, Deforest Buckner)

Extra Credit - Grants an additional pass rush point (Nick Bosa)

Instant Rebate - Successful block shed grants an extra pass rush point (Cameron Jordan, Kenny Clark)

Mr Big Stop - Start 3rd and 4th down with at least half of your pass rush points (Za'Darius Smith)

Ripper - Rip rush moves partially ignore blocker resistance (Geno Atkins)

Swim Club - Swim/Club partially ignores blocker resistance (Joey Bosa, JJ Watt, Demarcus Lawrence, Arik Armstead)

Speedster - Speed rush moves partially ignores blocker resistance (Nick Bosa, Danielle Hunter)

Get the practice in when the game is out, these moves will be difference makers.

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