Madden 21 Ultimate Team: New LTDs, MUT TOTW, Weekend League, Title Update 3, LTD Legends, Superstar MVPs Part II, MUT Master, Captains, Programs & more

All the key details for MUT players have been revealed! What can you expect to grind on day 1?

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madden 21 ultimate team mut news updates

Madden 21 sparked an all-new Madden Ultimate Team journey.

Let’s go over the latest news in the MUT 21 world, including TOTW, new programs, and more.

Latest News – New LTDs LIVE!

Three new massively strong LTDs have made their way to MUT 21.

Madden 21 LTD Aaron Rodgers
HELM OF THE SHIP: There’s few QBs better than Rodgers to have on your MUT squad

This includes Aaron Rodgers (90 OVR), Denzel Ward (90 OVR), and Jamal Adams (90 OVR).

You can read over these massive new cards here!


The first week of the 2020 NFL season has arrived, and while there are still games Monday that could shake things up, our predictions for the MUT TOTW are in!

You can read over our MUT TOTW 1 breakdown here, which includes Josh Jacobs, Russell Wilson, Marcus Maye, Davante Adams, and plenty more.

Madden 21 Weekend League

Madden 21 Weekend League is here, and it brings back one of the most exciting ways to play Madden Ultimate Team.

Madden 21 Weekend League Rewards Series 1 1 1
SERIES 1: These are the rewards players can earn each week in Weekend League

Players will play a set number of games each weekend, and will win rewards based on the number of wins they can achieve.

Madden 21 Weekend League Monthly Rewards September
THE BIG TIME: These massive rewards tally up all weekly wins for the month in Weekend League

On top of these Weekend League rewards, there will also be monthly rewards that factor in wins from each week.

LTD Legends

We’ve got a fresh new Madden Ultimate Team announcement for Madden 21! It’s the return of the infamous LTD Legends set.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team LTD Legends Junior Seau 1
BACK AT IT: LTD Legends have returned to run amok in Madden 21

More players are to come, but for now, the legendary linebacker Junior Seau fronts the group as its first reveal at 91 OVR, joined by the 91 OVR Bo Jackson.

Superstar MVPs Part II

Madden 21 has introduced another fantastic Madden Ultimate Team set with Superstar MVPs Part II.

Madden Ultimate Team Madden 21 Superstar MVP LTD Julio Jones
LEGEND: You can have the Falcons’ legend in your WR core by completing Superstar MVP challenges, or from the MUT Auction House

This set ranges from 80 to 89 OVR, and includes 20 players!

The highlights of this batch of players includes an 89 OVR LTD Julio Jones, 89 OVR Ezekiel Elliot, and 89 OVR Myles Garrett.

Legends added to MUT

Madden Ultimate Team in Madden 21 has some major new firepower with the addition of the Legends program.

Madden 21 Ultimate Team Legends Roy Woodson
LEGENDARY: Rod Woodson rounds out the three new Legends added to the original eight

This set includes Dan Marino, Jerome Bettis, and plenty more.

There have also been three additional Legends added to the mix, including Rod Woodson, Larry Allen, and Morten Anderson. This means there are now 11 new powerful players you can pick up for your MUT squad.

Ability Caps

The newest strategy to Madden 21 is all about Ability points, which in Ultimate Team means there is an Ability Cap!

Madden 21 MUT upgrades 1
ABILITY POINTS: Managing these will be crucial to creating the best lineup

Rather than having to choose who to assign Abilities to, you’ll be able to break up the Abilities and assign more than three players on each side of the ball. To balance out, each Ability will cost points and you’ll have an Ability Cap for how much you can spend across your lineup.

So you can stack loads of Abilities on one player, or you could give every receiver different ones and keep your opponent guessing.

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X-Factors will cost 0 AP though, so don’t sweat those!

Rivalz, NFL Epics

The opening programs of Ultimate Team have been confirmed.

Rivalz won’t be very challenging for veterans but comes with the reward of an 85 OVR Ben Roethlisberger, Jalen Smtih, or Zach Ertz.

NFL Epics has four 85 OVR players this year! With Larry Fitzgerald, Adrian Peterson, Jack Youngblood, and Ronnie Lott all available!

Team Diamonds is back with 32 new fan favorite players, while Team Builders will be key to all your theme teams.

MUT Captains

The four players have been announced for MUT Captains!

Aeneas Williams

Eddie George, Aeneas Williams, La’Roi Glover, and Ed McCaffrey are yours to choose from.

MUT Master & Level Master

These two have also been revealed!

The MUT Master will be ex-Panthers player and coach Sam Mills.

MUT Level Master Andre Johnson

Meanwhile, Andre Johnson gets the Level Master spot!

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