How to Complete the Latecoming Homecoming Quest in Genshin Impact

A screenshot of the player standing next to Giulietta.
Credit: HoYoverse

A screenshot of the player standing next to Giulietta.
Credit: HoYoverse

Working on the Latecoming Homecoming quest in Genshin Impact? Version 4.6 has been released, which contains the brand new Nostoi region with the island of Petrichor. This new area has Latecoming Homecoming as a World Quest which players can complete!

You’ll need to complete the Canticles of Harmony quest chain which involves the Sea of Bygone Eras, and then wait for the daily reset to occur, which will trigger the quest. Let’s find out how to complete the Latecoming Homecoming quest in Genshin Impact!

Latecoming Homecoming Quest Walkthrough

To begin this quest, you’ll need to make your way to Petrichor using the Statue of The Seven teleport point. An NPC with “???” as the name will be located a bit south of the Statue. You can find them by the blue exclamation marker on your map.

A screenshot of the map showing where to begin the Latecoming Homecoming quest, indicated by the blue exclamation point.
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Interact with the NPC to start the quest. She will reveal her name to be Giulietta, and she wants to get to Bayda Harbor. You’ll be presented with an option to resume this quest later, if you’re not ready yet. Once you’re ready to begin, click on “Well, what are you waiting for? Get onboard, sailor!”

A screenshot of the player speaking to Giulietta.
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Once you arrive at Bayda Harbor, Giulietta will leave, but another NPC called Giustino will ask you to take him back to Petrichor. When the dialogue options are presented, make sure to select “My Waverider’s a fast and steady boat. Hop onboard, and we’ll be off.”

If you haven’t already, you can explore Bayda Harbor and unlock the Teleport and Waverider Waypoints for easy access. For this, select the option “Could you wait for a moment?” Coming back to Giustino, you can say “Let’s go” to continue the Latecoming Homecoming quest.

When you get back to Petrichor, Giustino will get a bout of seasickness, so you’ll need to look for him. Following the quest marker will lead you to a small area, where you need to speak to a character called Giovanni. This is Giustino’s little brother, and he’ll help you look for the man who left without paying you for his ride.

A screenshot of the player speaking to Giovanni.
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The next quest marker will lead you south of Petrichor, where a cutscene will begin. Giustino is trapped by a Fatui Pyro Agent. Take the Agent out and it will be revealed that the real target is Giulietta, who you transported to Bayda Harbor at the beginning of the quest.

Once the Fatui agent leaves, you can move on to the next location which is in front of the houses in Petrichor. The cutscene shows the two brothers having a meal with the Traveller and making up.

With that, we've reached the end of the Latecoming Homecoming quest in Genshin Impact! As quest completion rewards, you will receive the following:

  • 20 Primogems
  • 26,500 Mora

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