Genshin Impact Yae Miko Materials: Ascension & Talent Materials Farming Guide (Version 3.2)

Genshin Impact 3.2 will mark the return of the 5-star Electro Character, Yae Miko. One of the heroes who benefit the most from the introduction of Dendro Reactions.

The Head Priestess of the Gran Narukami Shrine is an entertaining character with excellent character design.

For those wishing for the rerun Yae Miko, here is our farming guide with everything you'll need to start collecting materials and getting her ready for battle ASAP.

Release Date

Yae Miko will return in one of the upcoming Genshin Impact 3.2 banners, which will go live on November 2, 2022.

The exact release date for the update will be revealed during the version 3.2 Special Program broadcast on Sunday, October 23, 2022.

Yae Miko Farming Guide

Yae Miko oversees the Grand Narukami Shrine and owns the Yae Publishing House.

Miko is a kitsune from the Hakushin Clan and possesses a fox form. We will see her Kitsune tail while she casts her abilities.

Yae Miko is a 5-star Electro character. Her signature weapon is a Catalyst resembling a Kagura Suzu, a purple relic with bells named Kagura's Verity.

Ascension Materials for Yae Miko

These are the ascension materials you'll need for Yae Miko:

Dragonheir's False Fin

The Dragonheir's False Fin is a character level-up material dropped by the World Boss Bathysmal Vishap Herd. These creatures live in the depth of Enkanomiya.

Defenders of the Coral World boss in Genshin Impact
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The Defenders of the Coral: World boss in Genshin Impact
  • Players need x46 Dragonheir's False Fin for an Lv. 90 Yae Miko.
  • Bathysmal Vishap Herd drops 2-3 of these materials once they are defeated for a cost of 40 resins.

Sea Ganoderma

Inazuma Local Specialty. Sea Ganoderma is a water plant that grows on beaches and tidal flats around the shore. It glows during the night.

Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact
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Sea Ganoderma: Local Specialty from Inazuma in Genshin Impact
  • Players need 168 Sea Ganoderma for an Lv. 90 Yae Miko.
  • There are 68 Sea Ganoderma in the wild refreshing every 48hrs.
  • Travelers can grow 8 Sea Ganoderma in their Serenitea Pot every 70 hrs.


Yae Miko will use Handguards materials dropped by Nobushi and Kairagi from Inazuma. Players can find these Samurai warriors in most regions of the Electro Nation.

  • To level up Yae Miko to Lv. 90 travelers require:
    • 18 Old Handguard
    • 30 Kageuchi Handguard
    • 36 Famed Handguard

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Talent Materials

Nobushi and Kairagi are Elite enemies that drop the common materials, Handguards. The best farming route for these materials is on Yashiori Island. To maximize Miko's Talents, players need:

  • 18 Old Handguards
  • 66 Kageuchi Handguards
  • 93 Famed Handguards

Light Series

Players can obtain these talent-level books in the Violet Court domain on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

  • To max Yae Miko's Talents, players need to collect the following:
    • 9 Teachings of Light
    • 63 Guide to Light
    • 114 Philosophies of Light

Trounce Domain: End of the Oneiric Euthymia

Magatsu Mitake Narukami no Mikoto is the name of the latest weekly boss. Players need to battle the Raiden Shogun, the puppet created by the Electro Archon.

Raiden Shogun boss in Genshin Impact
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RAIDEN SHOGUN: The weekly boss in Genshin Impact will drop materials for Heizou Talents
  • The Raiden Shogun will drop The Meaning of Aeons when defeated.
  • Yae Miko needs 18 of these headgear pieces for Max Talents.

Varjada Amethyst

Common Ascencion Ores are used to level-up Electro Characters in Genshin Impact.

Varjada Amethyst Stones in Genshin Impact
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Credit: Blank
Varjada Amethyst Ascension Material Stone for Electro Characters in Genshin Impact

Players will find the first pieces by defeating:

  • Electro Hypostasis
  • Electro Regisvine
  • Thunder Manifestation
  • Coral Defenders
  • Primo Geovishap

The ores are also randomly obtained in chests, daily commission rewards, and events.

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