How Many Bosses are in Fortnite Season 4? - New Bosses, Locations, Rewards and More!

Season 4 has arrived, and we finally have some of our favourite Super Heroes from the Marvel universe!

With this update, also came a host of gaemplay and cosmetic updates, which tmake hte game feel fun and fresh.

Here, we'll cover the locations of the new bosses in-game, as well as how to kill them and the rewards!

New Bosses

With the release of the new season, comes a host of new Bosses for us to take down for some juicy rewards!

These villains are now entirely based on Marvel Super Hero's and Villains so keep your eyes peeled for your favourite!

These will be added throughout the season, but for now, here's a list of the bosses currently in Fortnite.

Dr Doom

Dr Doom can be found at the new "Doom's Domain" Point of Interest (POI).

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DOOM - Will Dr Doom take Galactus side in the Nexus War?

This can be found exactly where Pleasant Park was located, in the North West side of the map.

Head into the building named House Doom to find Dr Doom waiting inside. This can be found on the North side of the POI.

This boss is very easy to kill, just make sure you come equiped with some weapons so you can take him out!

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Once eliminated, Dr Doom will drop the Arcane Gauntlets and the Mystical Bomb.

Avenger's Quin Jets

There are also multiple Quin Jet locations around the map, which contain loot drops.

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Here, you can find Boss rewards including Groot's Bramble shield and Silver Surfer's Board.

Season Updates

As mentioned before, not all the bosses of Season 4 are in the game yet!

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MARVEL - We can't wait to see what happens at the end of the Nexus War!

We can expect Epic to add more bosses as the season progresses. Check back here for all the boss updates.

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Next, we may see Iron Man or Wolverine join the fight!

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