*UPDATED* Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Spider-Man Outfit! - Leaks, Marvel Theme, Battle Pass, Item Shop and More!

The new Season is finally here, and it looks amazing!

Season 4 is entirely Marvel-themed with new characters like Thor, Galactus, Wolverine and more!

What other skins can we expect to arrive this Season?

An achievement has been found in Season 4 which rewards a Spider-Man logo for the player to use.

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This means Epic have got the rights to use Spider-Man content, so there's a very high chance we'll be getting a skin!

Marvel Season 4

The new Marvel Season (Season 4) has a lot for players to experience! Including gameplay updates and cosmetic changes.

fortnite marvel season 4
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JUSTICE - Will the Heroes defeat Galactus?

This season, Heroes need to come together to fight back against Galactus.

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Much of the Marvel heroes feature in the Battle Pass, but some we've already received in the Item Shop from previous seasons!

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass features skins like Thor, Iron Man and Wolverine! We can't wait to get our hands on some of these skins!

At tier 1, you'll unlock the Thor skin and get some other Thor cosmetics as you progress.

Unlock Doctor Doom, Storm, Iron Man and much more as you progress through the Battle Pass.

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However, we can also expect more Marvel skins to hit the item shop!

Item Shop - Spider-Man

Spider-Man is another character we'll likely see this Season!

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PETER PARKER - Become the Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man!

Unfortunately, he's not available at the start of Season through the Battle Pass, but there are a few other ways we can unlock characters.

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The most likely way we'll get our hands on Spider-Man is through the Item Shop, so keep your eyes peeled for any new skins!

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