Fortnite: Edit And Warmup Map Codes - July 2020

With the release of the brand new season, players are trying to adapt to all the new terrain on the map.

The skill gap in Fortnite growing further each day, your editing mechanics are still vital to succeeding.

Some creative mastermind has gone ahead and created some fantastic edit and warmup maps for the new season.

Here are the best ones for July 2020!

Raider's Piece Control Map

  • Code: 6277-3564-7805

This is Raider's brand new edit map that was released over the weekend.

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This is one of the most unique maps, as instead of a straight edit course it has some wonky terrain.

This is so you can master what pieces go where, should your opponent place some over you during a build fight.

Flood's Edit Course

  • Code: 8276-0993-4997

Perhaps one of the most well known edit courses from a few months ago is Flood's.

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Featuring a wide array of edits and tricky moves, you will definitely notice your edits getting better the more you do this course!

CanDook's 9-In-1 Edit Course

  • 7440-4394-8340

Rounding off our list is CanDook's nine level edit course!

With nine separate stages depending on the level of editing you are on, this map has something for everyone.

See how far you can go with this insane edit course.

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