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30 Jun 2020

Fortnite: Best Solo Landing Spots for Chapter 2 Season 3!

Fortnite: Best Solo Landing Spots for Chapter 2 Season

Looking to grind all the way to the top of Arena? Check out these insane solo landing spots!

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Secret Boat

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Zayt Hill

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The Fortnite map has been flooded! This means a lot of the old POIs from last season are gone.

With a limited amount of landing spots on the map now, finding one that works for you can be troublesome.

This is why we figured out some of the best ones for Solo Arena this season.

Here they are!

Secret Boat

This was a location quickly discovered by players when the season released.

This boat appears at random locations around the map, so it does not have a set location.

This boat has some of the best loot we have ever seen out of a solo landing spot.

Here is what is one the boat with an image thanks to LootLake.Info.

  • Chests
  • Slurp Barrels for full shield
  • Consumables
  • Supply Drop With Launch Pad
  • Henchman Chest
  • Boat

Yea, so this boat is pretty insane; and it will 100% be contested every game so be aware.

Secret Boat

INSANE - This boat is nuts

Zayt Hill

Named after professional Fortnite player Zayt, this hill overlooks Frenzy Farm and has potential for multiple chests.

With two chests on top of the hill, you can slide down the hill for max wood and another chest.

Then you can take one of two ziplines, which both lead to more chests!

Zayt Hill

HILL TOP -This location has great materials!


A location which used to be adjacent to The Shark, the Lighthouse is now one of the most northern locations to land at.

With a total of seven chests, and good brick and wood materials; this solo spot may be worth checking out.


SPOTTED - Do not land atop the lighthouse!

A good tip for players is to knock down all of the lighthouse from the bottom, this saves time instead of scaling to the top.