FIFA 22: What to do in Ultimate Team this week

With many different tasks and game modes, FIFA 22 Ultimate Team can be a tricky place to prioritise your playtime in.

We have you covered, with this weekly look at all the objectives and SBCs, letting you know what to look out for and where to avoid.

Where possible we will also be highlighting how to combine multiple objectives, to streamline your play.

FIFA 22 Weekly Roadmap
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MYSTERY PROMO - We still haven't seen any major leaks as to what the upcoming promo will be


FUT Birthday Team 2 brought us another set of boosted cards, including objectives for Erik Lamela.

You have until Friday, 18 March to complete the objectives, which you can pair with the Team Event and FUT Birthday Tour ones to gain extra rewards and Swaps Tokens.

Speaking of tokens, keep an eye out in SBCs and objectives for any FUT Birthday Swaps Tokens, as they will be hidden over the event.

The Team Event objectives will expire on Wednesday, 16 March, so even if you don't fully complete the set, make sure you've done enough to earn the Swaps Token.

Your biggest priority this week should be completing all the Icon Swaps 2 objectives, which will expire on Monday, 21 March.

Hopefully, you've already been getting on with them and have completed the majority already.

However, if you're in a rush you can take a look at how to combine multiple Icon Swaps 2 objectives here, so you can smash through them in record time.


Due to the scheduled maintenance extending FUT Champions by another 24 hours, Weekend League rewards will be available on Tuesday, 15 March at 2am ET / 7am GMT if you did not complete all your matches.

Team of the Week 25 once again has some good Red Picks to choose from, with 7 players rated 86 OVR or higher, with one man you really want to see.

Kevin De Bruyne got an enormous 93 OVR card, so keep an eye out for him.

Today is your last chance to bring in Silver Stars Andrew Omobamidele, so make sure you have completed that.

With the objectives being able to be completed in less than an hour it's definitely worth doing, and it will also give you a player to help complete the upcoming St. Patrick's Day Squad Foundations that were leaked, and we are expecting to see on Thursday, 17 March.

This week you will be rewarded with a FUT Birthday Token as well as the Silver Stars player.


Team of the Week 26 will arrive on Wednesday, 16 March at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT.

It looks like another superstar will make an appearance, with Cristiano Ronaldo surely gaining his first in-form of the season.

fifa 22 totw 26 predictions ronaldo
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GOAT STATUS - Ronaldo is now the all-time record goalscorer in footballing history

A 59th career hat-trick saw him officailly become the greatest goalscorer the game has seen, while also helping Manchester United beat Spurs in a vital battle for a top-four finish.

If you've managed to keep on top of all the objectives then the Bundesliga League Player Erik Thommy could be next on your to-do list.

His objectives expire on Sunday, 20 March, but you should be able to breeze through them with many people playing Golden Goal in the Managerial Masterpiece.

You can use this Bundesliga Managerial Masterpiece squad to smash through the requirements.


Division Rivals rewards will be released at 3am ET / 8am GMT on Thursday, 17 March, and it's likely the St. Patrick's Day Squad Foundations objectives will come at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, which should offer some boosted player items.

Focus on getting the Erik Lamela and Icon Swaps 2 objectives done if you are yet to do so, as they are the most important ones to hit with time running out.

If you're on top of everything then look to get the MLS Squad Foundation objectives done!

They have a really long expiry date, so you can leisurely work through them when you have the time.

If you are yet to complete the Future Stars Matheus Nunes objectives then you can also combine them with the MLS tasks, as they need fulfilling in Squad Battles.

You have until Thursday, 31 March until the Nunes objectives expire, so there is no great rush to complete them just yet.


Weekend League kicks off at 4am ET / 9am GMT, so make sure you've qualified for that if you plan to enter.

FUT Birthday Team 2 will rotate out of packs on Friday, 18 March at 1pm ET / 6pm GMT, but there is no clear indicator of what the next promo will be.

We've predicted that it could be FUT Captains a few times now, but we are still yet to see it.

The most recent leak suggests that Heroes Moments are being added to the database, so it could be that we finally see the promo, or some version of it, come to the game.

If not, then the What If promo could make a return, as it usually arrives around this time of the year.


If you've qualified for Weekend League then your day will be occupied with that.

Look to be hitting 51 points as a minimum, as the rewards get much better from that stage upwards.

If you've not entered, then make sure you have completed all the Icon Swaps 2 objectives so you can trade in the tokens for the best rewards.


Squad Battle rewards will be available at 3am ET / 8am GMT, which could be quite good if you've been playing them for the Icon Swaps 2 and player objectives.

Again, it will be another day of Weekend League or player objectives and Icon Swaps.


Live SBCs

There are quite a few Icon cards available at the moment, and we would recommend completing their loan card options, as you can use them infinitely in FUT Friendlies, and they could come in very useful in the future.

To find out all the current Live SBCs, check out our SBC Hub.

Worth completing:

  • Thomas Muller - Just the one 84-rated squad needed for a 91 OVR player
  • Hany Mukhtar - A really nippy card that will help complete the MLS objectives
  • Orkun Kokcu - The stats of a 93-rated card on basic chemistry
  • Ruslan Malinovskyi - So cheap it's effectively a free 87-rated card
  • Joel Matip - You won't play with him but bring him in to use in future SBCs
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