FIFA 22 Ultimate Team SBCs: TOTS in full-swing with great value items

The Team of the Season promo is now in full swing in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, with the Squad Building Challenges coming thick and fast.

So, check out all the latest SBCs including their costs and how to complete them right here.

Latest - Premier League Highlighted

The main event in the FUT calendar, the Team of the Season event has now seen the release of the Premier League and EFL squads.

There are currently three repeatable SBCs that grant Premier League rewards, which are:

  • 80+ Premier League Player Pick
  • Premier League 83+ x 5 Upgrade
  • Premium Premier League Upgrade

As well as them, an End of an Era Adebayo Akinfenwa card has been released, giving you a chance to bring in The Beast to your Ultimate Team.

Icon Swaps 3

Earn tokens by completing Icon Swaps 3 objectives, then trade them in for big rewards!

  • 1 Icon Swap - 82+ x25 Pack
  • 2 Icon Swaps - 82+ x25 Pack
  • 3 Icon Swaps - 84+ x25 Pack
  • 5 Icon Swaps - Van Der Sar Moments Icon
  • 5 Icon Swaps - 85+ x20 Pack
  • 6 Icon Swaps - 91+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Pack
  • 7 Icon Swaps - Dalglish Moments Icon
  • 8 Icon Swaps - Roberto Carlos Moments Icon
  • 8 Icon Swaps - 93+ Moments Icon Pack
  • 9 Icon Swaps - George Best Moments Icon
  • 11 Icon Swaps - 91+ Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 11 Icon Swaps - Eto’o Moments Icon
  • 13 Icon Swaps - 94+ Moments Icon Pack
  • 14 Icon Swaps - Matthaus Moments Icon
  • 15 Icon Swaps - 93+ Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 16 Icon Swaps - Moments Icon Pack
  • 17 Icon Swaps - 93+ ATT/MID Moments Icon Player Pick
  • 17 Icon Swaps - Gullit Prime Icon

Squad Building Challenges

An SBC - or Squad Building Challenge - is one of the playable game modes within Ultimate Team.

You are tasked with building teams using players from your club, but with specific requirements.

This may be a cap on how many leagues or nations you can use, how much team chemistry you have to hit, the specific rarity of cards, and more.

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By completing these challenges you get rewarded with packs, player picks, and other items to help you progress through the game.

The starting SBC's for FIFA 22 look to be the same as on 21, so completing them should be simple enough for returning players.


Some of the most wanted items in the game are the Icon cards, who offer links to all players.

Take a look at the list of Icon items available to unlock via SBC below.

  • Prime Icon Moments Socrates
  • Prime Icon Moments Ashley Cole
  • Prime Icon Moments Franco Baresi
  • Prime Icon Moments Raul
  • Prime Icon Moments Bastain Schweinsteiger
  • Prime Icon Moments Javier Zanetti
  • Prime Icon Moments Michael Owen
  • Prime Icon Moments Pavel Nedved
  • Prime Icon Moments Paolo Maldini
  • Prime Icon Moments Eric Cantona
  • Prime Icon Moments Patrick Vieira
  • Prime Icon Moments Robin Van Persie
  • Prime Icon Moments Iker Casillas
  • Prime Icon Moments Emmanuel Petit
  • Prime Icon Moments Thierry Henry
  • Prime Icon Moments Carles Puyol
  • Prime Icon Moments Alessandro Del Piero
  • Prime Icon Moments Philipp Lahm
  • Prime Icon Moments Wayne Rooney

Red FUT Champs upgrades

Use any fodder you may have received in FUT Champions and upgrade them using one of these options:

FUT Champions Premium Upgrade

  • FUT-CHAMP Players: Exactly 11 
  • Squad Rating: Min 81 
  • Team Chemistry: Min 20
  • # of players in the Squad: 11

Reward: 1 of 3 86+ OVR FUT Champions Player (Untradeable)

FUT Champions Upgrade

  • FUT-CHAMP Players: Exactly 5
  • # of players in the Squad: 5

Reward: 83-86 OVR FUT Champions Player (Untradeable)

FGS Swaps

These cards work much like Icon Swaps tokens and are rewarded to players who watch 60 minutes of an eligible FIFA Global Series event.

  • Redeem 1 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Premium Gold Pack
  • Redeem 2 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack
  • Redeem 3 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack
  • Redeem 4 FGS Swaps Token - Reward of 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack

Expiry date: Thursday, 29 September 2022

Foundation SBCs

Get these done early and they will not only help you understand how SBCs work, but also give you a handy boost early doors.


Let’s Get Started

Three simple tasks are required in this challenge.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Bronze Reward Pack, Bronze Pack, Bronze Player Pack, Two Player Pack
  • Estimated Cost - N/A

Let’s Keep Going

Four separate challenges are required to complete the Let's Keep Going block.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - 2 x Bronze Pack, 2 x Two Silver Players Pack, 1,500 coins, Premium Loan Player Reward
  • Estimated Cost - N/A

Let’s Move Forward

Another three tasks are required to complete this block, with slightly improved rewards.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Gold CB Player Pick, Gold CM Player Pick, Gold ST Player Pick, Gold GK Player Pick
  • Estimated Cost - 5.9k

League and Nation Basics

league and nations basics fifa 22
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GET INVOLVED - Earn some decent rewards in this challenge

Back to three SBCs in this set.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Silver Players Premium Pack, 2 x Premium Gold Pack Mixed Players Pack
  • Estimated Cost - 6.8k


There are three sets of 'advanced' foundation SBCs to complete, and some of them do require a bit of thought! Good luck.

Hybrid Leagues

A Rare Mega Pack is a reward for finishing these four challenges.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Prime Mixed Players Pack, Prime Electrum Players Pack, Mega Pack, Rare Players Pack, Rare Mega Pack
  • Estimated Cost - 30k

Hybrid Nations

Same as the Hybrid Leagues, a Rare Mega Pack is on offer upon completion.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Electrum Players Pack, Gold Players Pack, Prime Gold Players Pack, Rare Players Pack, Rare Mega Pack
  • Estimated Cost - 26.2k

League and Nation Hybrid

league and nations hybrid fifa 22
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CHALLENGING - These puzzles are tricky

Earn 13,000 coins as a reward for putting everything you have learned into practice.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Rare Mixed Players Pack, Premium Gold Players Pack, Mega Pack, Rare Mega Pack, 13,000 coins
  • Estimated Cost - 40k


These challenges are repeatable and will remain available all season long. Chances are you will use players already in your club, but we have included the estimated cost anyway!

Bronze Upgrade

Exchange 11 Bronze players to add some silver stars to your club.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Two Silver Players Pack
  • Estimated Cost - N/A

Silver Upgrade

Exchange 11 Silver players to earn an upgrade.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Three Common Gold Players Pack
  • Estimated Cost - N/A

Gold Upgrade

Exchange 11 Gold players to add two Rare cards to your team.

  • Expiry Date - None
  • Rewards - Two Rare Gold Players Pack
  • Estimated Cost - N/A
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