FIFA 22 Next Promo: Final promo cards in packs NOW

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FIFA 22 Ultimate Team is drawing to the end of its cycle, with the FUTTIES promo been and gone.

The FUT 23 Pre-Season event will see us through to FIFA 23, so what will we see over the next few weeks of FUT 22?

Latest - Last Promo Release is HERE

The Pre-Season promo is now in its third week, with the 'Best Of' Batch 2 re-release adding more previous promo cards into packs.

This second set will stay in packs for three weeks and will likely be the last new pack content we see in FUT 22.

Over the next couple of weeks, we should once again see another couple of players who had a big summer transfer released as objectives, with others coming via SBCs, and new objectives each week that offer high-quality players and player picks as rewards.

These will probably come through another set of Cup objectives with a limited number of entries a day, an additional friendly mode with unlimited access, and an objective set that is finished by completing a recurring SBC, as we have seen throughout the Pre-Season campaign.

Pre-Season is LIVE

After a delayed start, the FUT 23 Pre-Season promo launched.

Boosted players that have switched clubs over the summer, big pack and player pick rewards, and prizes to gain in FUT 23 are all part of the event.

There are 200 more 'Best Of' re-released cards in packs too, giving you a chance to pack some top players to end your FUT 22 campaign.

Next Promo Release Date

The FUT 23 Pre-Season promo began on Friday, 19 August at around 4pm ET / 9pm BST, after the initial launch was delayed.

Staying in packs for two weeks, the 'Best Of' Batch 1 re-released cards were replaced on Friday, 2 September, at the usual time of 1pm ET / 6pm BST, with a 'Best Of' Batch 2 set.

The second release is staying in packs for three weeks, leaving on Friday, 23 September, leading us into the start of the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team cycle.

More upcoming promos

Loads of promos have graced Ultimate Team this year, so find out which ones will likely be arriving soon.

Here are the promos you can expect to arrive next:

Although not a separate promo, many End of an Era cards came during the last week of the Team of the Season event, with more set to come, so keep an eye out for them.

FUT 23 Pre-Season will likely see out the Ultimate Team cycle, letting you earn rewards in FUT 23 and FUT 23.

FUT Player Days is an event which could see a return, bringing plenty of discounted packs and flash SBCs with it, yet it seems quite late in the schedule for this to drop.

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